Makeup Revolution Haul and Review 

I have been trying to resist the temptation to buy any more eyeshadow, again I feel like I failed miserably at this because I didn’t just buy one eyeshadow palette from Tam Beauty, I bought three. Tam beauty is the collective name for many makeup brands such as Makeup Revolution, Freedom and Makeup Obsession and they are pioneering the market when it comes to good quality makeup that is on trend for a fraction of the price of the higher end brands. Tam beauty is also famous for their dupes of many high-end makeup products and has caused a lot of controversy in the makeup community because of it. 

I have recently been watching more YouTube videos of drugstore makeup tutorials and these three products caught my eye, I could not decide between the three so I got them all. You may say this is rash or over indulgent but they all add up to about £25 pound; which is about half the price of just one high-end palette. I paid £46 for my Anastacia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance which was a luxury purchase and actually one of my best makeup investments. 

Soph X palette by Makeup Revolution 

I discovered the Soph X palette through two Youtube channels; Samantha Jaelle and Leah XL, I highly recommend these channels as they are very honest, lovely and down to earth Youtubers that have a great passion for makeup, if you get a chance please check them out as they are brilliant. The first thing that struck me about the Soph X palette was the berry shade in the middle (mixed berries), I just knew I had to have this in my life. Another colour that pulled my eyeshadow addicted heartstrings was the shade ‘pine tree’, it is a perfect shade for autumn and will be great for a darker, smoky look. 

I spent a week playing around with this palette and trying out different looks and I feel like I have only done a third of the looks I could do with this palette, it is so versatile and there is not a shade that I do not like (usually there is always one shade I do not touch). I feel like this is the must-have drugstore palette for autumn and at just £10 it gives you everything you need for every autumn look possible and the shimmer/foil shades are unbelievable. 

During that week of testing the palette I never had any problems with the application, they go on smoothly, easily and blend really well. I found that I actually wanted to carry on using it after the week, something that is very rare for me as I get bored easily. I think Tam Beauty and Sophie Does Nails have done a great job collaborating and I hope that they will do some more in the future. 

Makeup Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold Palette

This is perhaps one of the more controversial products coming from Makeup Revolution as the eyeshadows are a dupe of the Huda Beauty palette, plus the packaging and scent are duped from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. I never had any intention of buying the Huda palette as the sheer expense of it put me off, (it cost £56 and I simply cannot justify that much) so when Tam Beauty revealed their version I was determined to give it a go, the shimmer shades again calling my name and demanding I plaster them all over my eyes.

I absolutely love the shiny, rose gold packaging and the sleek design it feels luxurious without having the hefty price tag and the chocolate smell from the eyeshadows is purely divine. I have been using the palette for a week and I absolutely love how smooth and blendable the matte shades are; the foiled/glitter shades are great too but they are a bit of a fall out nightmare so I would recommend doing your eye makeup first because your under eye will get covered in glitter. I have tried

I did not really get many pictures of the looks I created with this palette as I have been super busy at work but I did manage to get something different from it each day so it is good for a multitude of neutral and shimmer looks. I would say that this is a great palette for £8.99 and is an amazing alternative to the Huda palette but if I was pushed I would pick the Soph X one over this one just because of the versatility of it and the fact it does not have as much fallout. 

Flawless 4 palette

I had been looking at this palette for quite a few weeks after seeing some good reviews on it I was hesitant to buy it because I had lots of other palettes with very similar shades in. This palette is a really great alternative to the Anastacia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette which I featured in my autumn makeup looks. I mentioned in that post that there were quite a few drugstore dupes for the coveted modern Renaissance palette but I feel like this offers more value as it has a lot more shades. 

As with the other two palettes, I spent a week testing and experimenting with the flawless four and at first, I was a little underwhelmed with it. This might be due to the fact that I had pics Soph x pallet to play with first and because that was so versatile I came to this palette and thought it was a little bit bland, however after a week of trying it I have got to say I was quite impressed with it. The matte shadows are really blendable and build up great the black in the palate is a really good black which can deepen any crease in a second it is so black. The shimmer shades take a bit of building up but are generally ok but compared two the shimmers in the rose gold palette they are a bit too subtle for my liking but I imagine with a damp brush they would pop a lot better.

The reason I like this palette is you can use this as a great neutral palette to mix with other eyeshadow palettes and the shadows are so good that they give a great base to start off from and then you can pop whatever bright or shiny colour over the top to make a fabulous look. I have used this with the rose gold palette to create some great looks and will be coupling it with the new mint chocolate bar palette by makeup revolution (a palette similar to the ABH Subculture palette) to show off some of the amazing colours it has in it. 

Renaissance Lipstick in the shades Restore and Luxe

I am absolutely obsessed with this lipstick range; the packaging is so reminiscent of ‘vintage glamour’ it is just so decadent and classy. I also really rate these lipsticks for their formula, they are smooth and moisturising and the last longer than my mac lipsticks, my lips always feel super soft after I have used one of these lipsticks. 

The Renaissance range is mainly made up of nude and neutral shades but there are a few bold colours added in the mix and I decided to take a chance and get the shade restore which is a very bright, warm-toned red. At first, I was very unsure that the shade would suit me but it actually surprised me how much I liked it, it is not a colour for the faint of heart but it is a great summer/autumn transition colour as it will suit both seasons.  

The other shade I got was Luxe, another shade I was not sure about but took a chance on and now I am glad that I did. Luxe is a beautiful chocolate shade that goes perfectly with a warm-toned eye or just on its own with a wing, if you are loving the whole 90’s revival thing which is currently ‘on trend’ then you would love this lipstick.  

I hope you have found this haul and review useful, I am finding that Tam Beauty has really been doing great things in the budget makeup world at present and I already have another Tam beauty wishlist accumulating. Do you own any of these products? I would love to know what you think about them in the comments or if you are intending to purchase any of them.

Ciao for now beauties xx 

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  1. Ella: Craftupyourlife says:

    Such a good review! I’ve never owned any of these products before but they look amazing, which store can you get them from? 🛍


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thanks you, you can get them from Superdrug or from Tam beauty online

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ella: Craftupyourlife says:

        Thank you 😊


  2. mzkey4u says:

    I love Eyeshadow, good review!


  3. jenniferhughesreviews says:

    Such a good review. I love makeup revolution. I definitely need to pick up some new goodies.


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