​Things To Do With The Kids in Autumn 

Whenever I hear about people doing things with their children it is usually in the summer time, maybe due to the summer holidays or the better weather. However, I much prefer the autumn/winter when it comes to doing fun activities with my kids, maybe it is because I am a bit of an ‘indoors’ type of person, it also does not help that I have a husband who is extremely allergic to the summer and it makes going out a bit of a mission in itself. Autumn provides so many opportunities to spend quality time together, making memories and having fun; here are the things I will be doing with the kids this autumn.

Going for walks and splashing in muddy puddles

Even though it is more of a hassle to dress up for the colder, windier and wetter weather that autumn brings, the rewards, I believe, far outweigh the negatives. I love getting dressed up all snug and going for an autumn walk; autumn is a beautiful season full of colour and vibrancy that is beyond compare.

Going out for an autumn walk, especially with the kids, can prove to be a fun but muddy experience as they love to explore and jump about in muddy puddles. Letting your kids splash about and get muddy is something that must be done; let them frolic and make a mess because soon the time will come when they have lost the urge to jump and splash about but at least they will have the memory of when they did to cherish.

Collecting conkers and leaves

Exploring and appreciating nature and the world around them is such an important thing to nurture within our children. Teaching them about the changes around them and to appreciate every season for the beautiful things that it offers; conkers and autumn leaves being two beautiful things that can be collected, looked at and played with in order for them to get ‘closer to nature’. My son loves collecting conkers and he takes them to school to share with his class mates and teachers, we are lucky that he can collect them on the way to school.

Also collecting autumn leaves can be a fun task that can be used to create fantastic autumn collages using just some glue and paper and maybe even some paint or glitter if you are really feeling adventurous.

Making a firework picture

With autumn, comes bonfire night and the opportunity to go and take the children to a local organised bonfire and firework display. I have some great memories of going to see the firework display with my mum and dad when I was young and I am now fortunate enough that I can take my son and daughter (it will be her first firework display) to marvel at the pretty colours and loud bangs of the various rockets.

Fireworks are such beautiful, if not noisy, things that I always feel inspired to create artwork when I see them. Now that I have my children I have an excuse to get some black paper and splat paint all over the page, it is one of my favourite art techniques to do; a toothbrush is also good for finer splats of paint. Another technique that can be used is by blobbing the paint on and then using a straw to blow the paint in all different directions, this is a great way to get the children creating and making art for themselves which is needed to develop their imagination.

Making and baking

This one has to be proceeded with caution as I have found out from experience; I got so addicted to baking things with my son that I started putting on weight with all the biscuits, cakes and jam tarts we were making. My son loves watching the process of baking and likes to talk through every step, he will do some of the work but usually starts to supervise while I do all the hard work, he also likes to ‘test’ some of the ingredients before they go in, mainly the chocolate or sweets.

I made a apple and strawberry crumble with him once, he loved to crumble up the flour and the butter together and sprinkle it over the fruit layer. The only issue that we have is that once he had made it, he would not actually eat it so myself and Mr T ended up having to eat it all, I only got the stuff for the crumble for my son and although he had a good time making it, my body was not thanking me for the excess sugar I was having.

Hot Chocolate

This is another thing that should be proceeded with caution; hot chocolate is highly addictive and especially if consumed with marshmallows or biscuits too often will result in you having to either buy new clothes or go on a diet. I usually drink coffee most of the year but in autumn I start to crave hot mugs of chocolate at the end of a hard day at work.

Hot chocolate can be such a luxurious treat and has often come to my rescue after a not so good day and with all the different flavours you never get bored with it, hence why it is so addictive. I am currently drinking Options Salted Caramel at the moment and I am contemplating getting a mint one as Christmas approaches. What is your favourite flavour of hot chocolate?

What activities do you like doing during the autumn months, let me know what you do in the comments

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. OOh firework painting and chocolate fabulous :0)


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