Beauty Horror Stories 

Halloween is approaching and I thought I would celebrate in a different way; many people are doing SFX Halloween looks and looks inspired by the festival of ghosts and ghoalies but I thought I would tell you some stories that will chill you to the bone and make you reach for your beauty products and hug them tightly. I am of course going to share with you some horror stories that involve our beloved beauty and makeup items and when they go wrong, the result is terrifying.

The postman gets a sight

Have you ever answered the door to the postman and had a full face of green, skull like makeup, well I have and my postman definitely got a shock and maybe something to laugh about later. I was doing a Disney villain competition and had decided to do The Horned King from the cult film The Black Cauldron.

I had been doing it for hours and still was not fully done, then there was a knock at the door, nobody else was in to answer the door so I had not choice. I opened the door and smiled sheepishly as the postman looked at me in shock, his eyes growing wider as he inspected the green faced devil that stood before him. At that point all I could do was mutter ‘I’m doing a face painting competition’ quietly as I reached out for the parcel, the postman at this point now smirking and seeing the funny side of the situation.

The funny thing is, that postman never delivered to our address after that, maybe my skills were too much for him.

Kids and make up never mix

Children, especially toddlers, will get hold of anything they can and cause havoc; my makeup has been a victim of the terrible little mischief makers that I call my kids. I am having to constantly be on red alert when using my makeup as my son constantly wants to smell the lipsticks I have (most of them smell of vanilla, or cake as my son seems to think) and my daughter is constantly wanting to practice her makeup skills using my stuff. I really do not want to end up like this mum and have a whole high end palette ruined by their grubby, little, mischievous fingers.

I have had many a lipstick ruined by my children, luckily they have not been my higher end ones but it is still a horrible sight to see a once perfectly shaped lipstick reduced to mess due to an over excited one year old. The biggest casualty I had was a brand new Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick in the shade Breath, my daughter thinking it was a good idea to do her lips and then try and eat the lipstick, what I salvaged was horrific, I have not touched it since because looking at it makes me sad.

Waxing disasters

I am a cheapskate when it come to many things; opting for the DIY home salon method rather than fork out for a qualified professional to sort me out, this has led to many horrible incidents involving the act of waxing. I am going to say it now, myself and wax very rarely mix well and the result is usually a lot of pain for myself.

I remember, during a summer holiday of my university years, I had the house to myself as my parents where on holiday and had a big night out with the girls planned and thought it would be a good idea to try my new microwave waxing kit to de-fluff my legs. You might be able to predict that the outcome wasn’t pretty; I am not sure what I did but I couldn’t pull the strip off quickly, instead I had the agonising task of pulling the cloth strip off slowly. The result was very little hair was removed, my leg turned red and I had to clean up all the wax and shave my legs as there was no way I was going to try that again. The next day I realised just how much damage I had done as I had a massive bruise on my leg and I vowed never to touch microwave wax again.

Fast forward about fourteen years and I made the bold decision to try waxing again, this time with cold wax strips that I had previously used successfully on my legs; another big mistake. This time I thought I would be able to hair my underarms with these strips; the result was another slow, excruciating removal of the wax strip and fifteen minutes trying to remove the wax that had got stuck in my hair, again so I could try and shave it. It was bad enough removing the wax but my underarms where trying to stick together, I spent several days putting moisturiser on them because I had treated them so brutally.

Hair removal creams

I have never really bothered much with hair removal creams, the smell really annoys me and as my skin is so sensitive, I sheer away. However, I have heard stories from many a friend about mishaps involving using the cream, having something pop up that you need to attend to, like a phone call, and then either realising that the cream has gone everywhere or that they have had burns due to leaving it on too long, this is making my wince even thinking about it.

Keep away from eyes

Probably the worst beauty horror story I have experienced was done when dying my hair. I always DIY dye my hair as getting it done at the salon is out of my price range and I have had many a time where my forehead, ears and neck have been stained by the hair dye I have used.

This is not usually a problem, as I am vigilant and try to clean myself up as I go along but one day I must have been extra messy and ended up with it on my hands and forehead badly. I think I had a big event on because I was so desperate to remove it, I tried all the traditional methods but it just was not coming off so I took drastic action and got some cotton wool and some nail varnish remover.

I had managed to carefully clean my forehead with the cotton wool pad that had the nail varnish remover on without any mishaps, not that I actually thought about it before jumping in to do it and once I had cleaned my fingers I was home and dry, or so I thought. No sooner had I got the last bit off my fingers than my eye started to itch and out of natural instinct I went to rub them, with hands full of nail varnish remover.

I was is agony and caused such a commotion that my husband came up to see what had happened; I spent the next hour trying to bath my eyes and cope with the burning pain that I had subjected myself to, all in the pursuit of a nice hair colour. I have tried to stay away from nail polish remover and always make the point of washing my hands straight after, I wouldn’t want a repeat of that horror story.

Have you got any beauty horror stories that you would like to share, I would love to hear that I am not alone in having the occasional beauty disaster.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Ella says:

    I can relate to the waxing story, little 13 year old me decided it would be a good idea to use those cheap waxing strips, it was not. I have sensitive skin and my legs hated me after that. Not really used them since


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      That sounds painful, I can relate to teenage beauty accidents as I have a scare from when I tried to shave my arms 😱😱😱

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ella says:

        Been there too 😂


  2. Oh no that hair dye story is horrible!

    Liked by 1 person

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