Disappointing Products

Makeup can be so disappointing sometimes
After doing my ‘5 Ride or Die products’ post recently, it got me thinking; what about the products that were a letdown? We all know this feeling; you buy a new product in eagerness, either due to the good reviews or the hype surrounding them, you get home and start giving it a test run, only to discover that the product is a complete flop. This leaves you frustrated, annoyed and wanting to throw it straight into the bin, but you cannot because you spent money on it. Makeup products can be so hit and miss and one person’s Holy Grail is the other person’s idea of a nightmare.

So here I give you my ‘disappointing’ products, these are some of the products that did not work for me but I am not saying that they wouldn’t work other people, so if you like these products, then happy days, I am glad they work for someone.

Silicone make-up sponge

When shopping in Primark, I came across these sponges; I had heard all about silicone beauty sponges and how they did not waste any product like traditional beauty sponges. I am using the term ‘sponge’ loosely as a sponge is defined as something that absorbs, but these do not, so maybe I should just call them blenders.

They did their job at not absorbing my foundation but it did not do a good job at applying it; the blender kept moving the product around my face, so just as I had covered a bit, I had a line or patch when I moved the blender across my face, it was a blending nightmare.

Another thing I did not like was the fact that, because it did not absorb excess product, I ended up getting it all over my hands and everywhere. This might have been due to the bad application on my part, but regardless of that I am not risking using them again as it took me twice as long to do my face and I ended up using more product than with my traditional beauty sponges because I was having to cover up the patchiness.

It is a definite no from me on that one; give me a traditional makeup sponge any day of the week over the weird feeling silicone ones.

Essence 18h Stylist Mascara

I had so much hope for this mascara, I had quite a difficult decision when buying that I ended up buying three. Essence had discontinued my favourite forbidden volume mascara and I thought this would be the alternate, how wrong I was. The main reason I was disappointed in this product was the fact that it made my lashes look super clumpy and like spider legs as the formula is very wet and thick. I find wetter mascaras are harder to work with when it comes to separating my lashes.

I also found this product was really hard to remove completely and seemed to want to cling to my lashes, even when using eye makeup remover wipes. You might say this is a sign if good ‘staying power’ but it would leave me having to scrub at my eyes which is obviously not a good thing, if I didn’t get it all completely off my lashes it would make the next day’s application really difficult and would result in more clumping.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

This is such a hyped product amongst the beauty community; YouTubers and makeup addicts say this is the best thing since sliced bread and what makes it even better is that it is cheap at 5 a tube. So why is this such a disappointment Mrs T? The simple reason this is a disappointment is that the shade is slightly too dark and yellow for my complexion.

I am very pale, I give ghosts a run for their money on the pale front, so there are many foundations and concealers that are actually too dark for me (I plan to do a post about it one day). This can be a real nightmare when trying new makeup, especially when buying them online, you never quite know whether it will be pale enough, especially in the winter months when I am extra pale. I also have cool toned skin, so anything with a more yellow base looks terrible on me, I either need neutral or pink toned base products so the LA Girl concealer just does not measure up in terms of the shade, which is such an important part of a good base.

Elf eyebrow pencil

This isn’t necessarily that bad but I was hoping for more when I bought it. ELF has only just become available in the UK through Superdrug and I was excited to try one of their products, I had run out of my trusty Nyx micro brow and so I gave their brow pencil a whirl.

The problem I find with this is the actual pen is too thick compared to my micro brow, this meant I was struggling to get my brows really defined and sharp. The colour match is actually really good for me but I find the formula too soft so I could easily end up with really heavy brows if I used too much pressure. I prefer my brow products to be more on the harder, waxier side as I can build up the product and not risk going ‘too heavy’.

This product might be absolutely perfect for some people and I think it would be great for anybody who has naturally thick eyebrows that take little maintenance, but for me personally, I would rather use my Freedom Brow pomade or my Nyx micro brow.

Lacura Caviar illuminating night cream

I had heard so much hype about these caviar creams available from Aldi, people were raving about this inexpensive alternative to the real caviar creams like they were the solution to all your problems. After trying many times to actually get hold of these products ( they never seem to be in any Aldi I went to) I finally got hold of the night cream and gave it a whirl.

Now, this is another case of a product being ok but just not for me personally, I didn’t actually feel any different with my skin using it and when I put it on I would get some slight stinging as my skin is so sensitive. This does not happen with some other night creams like the Nspa one which is very replenishing and rich. I will be passing on this product in the future as I do not shop at Aldi and there are other products on the market that are cheaper and work better for my skin.

What are your disappointments?

What products left you suitably underwhelmed and annoyed? Let me know what does not work for you in the comments or if you have used any of the above products and love them, please let me know as I would love to hear how it worked for you.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. wWth cosmetic industries competing for sales and drug stores,beauty shops all filled with products that promise so much, it can be confusing when you`re out there especially buying a product you do not know.
    That`s why I love reading blogs like yours, to see what to look for and what to avoid.thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Especially with some beauty influencers being less than truthful, I have been victim of that. Thank you for visiting


  2. I’ve always wondered about the silicon “sponges”, but glad you wrote a truthful review! I won’t waste my money on that.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I maybe used too much product but it did move it around my face, such a letdown

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Debbie says:

    I love this! We always wonder whether or not the product we’re buying is any good. Great piece 🙂


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