​Lipsticks for Autumn

I feel like my lipstick addiction goes into overdrive as soon as autumn begins. I usually enjoy eyeshadow in the spring and summer and tend to go light on the lippy but as soon as the weather turns and September comes I am all for a bold lip. There are so many rich and gorgeous lipsticks colours that are perfect for autumn and here I am going to go through a few of my favourites and new additions to my fall makeup collection. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick Lifelong

The formula of these lipsticks are amazing and for £4 they match up to my Mac’s but at over half the price. These lipsticks are creamy and so long lasting and so good that I have bought nearly every shade in the collection. Lifelong is the perfect muted brick colour and will match every warm eyeshadow look as it’s so versatile.

Milani Uptown Mauve

You might not think that this is an autumn colour but I love getting this lipstick out in September and October and indulging my passion for purple toned lipsticks. I get so many compliments when I wear this lipstick and it’s not hard to understand why, it makes a bold statement while still being wearable, I feel purple is such a great colour for the colder months. 

Rimmel Kate 30

This is a very similar colour to uptown mauve,  but has slightly more reddish tone, it is a real compromise between a full on berry colour and a red. I wore this for my Mia Wallace makeup look and love this with a really simple eye look as the lipstick speaks for itself. The formula is not the most long lasting but it fades down quick well, without those dreaded lipstick lines you get usually halfway through the day. 

Mac Rebel

I feel like I am developing a trend in the berry/wine coloured lipsticks, I have far too many and I love them all. Rebel is one of Mac’s most famous shades, many people recommend this as an autumn/winter lipstick and you can understand why. It is such a deep, berry colour that reminds me of cosy nights in having a mulled wine (as soon as it hits the shops I am straight in there). 

Essence matte lipstick in 08

This is a lipstick that has taken me by surprise, it is a bit out of my comfort zone as it is quite a darker brown/red but I have worn it a few times and I will be wearing it a lot more over the coming months.  It lasts really well, goes on smoothly and is a great budget matte lipstick, I have had quite a few compliments when wearing this shade, so I will be definitely wearing it more. 

Jeffree Star Androgyny

This is one of my top ten favourite lipsticks, the colour is perfect for all year round and it is especially beautiful in the colder months, paired with a smoky eye. This is a dusky, muted mauve with almost feels like it should be a nude, its like my lips but ten times better. 

Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood

Another one from the Jeffree Star vaults and another fan favourite, Unicorn Blood is a phenomenal red that has become a staple in many a makeup addicts collection. I like this because it makes a bold statement without being too bright, it is like the perfect red for any occasion, day or night and can be worn with near enough any type of makeup look. If you are ever consider buying a red liquid lipstick then I would highly recommend this as it is the top dog of red lippies out there. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick Vintage

These Makeup Revolution lipstick truly are fantastic; you get a high quality, long lasting lipstick, lovely gold packaging and all for the small sum of 4. If companies like Tam Beauty can do this, then why are we paying so much to the similar ‘higher end’ branded lipstick? This colour is a lovely, creamy, chocolate brown colour that just is perfect for this time of year. I never usually wear brown lipsticks as I have bad memories of brown lipstick in the 1990’s when I first started wearing makeup. I have been pushing myself out of my ‘mauve and purple’ comfort zone and exploring more nude colours, I am so glad I did as I would not have taken the chance on this gorgeous shade. 

Beauty Bakerie Salted Caramel

When I bought my all time ride or die lipstick Swiss Mocha Frappe from Beauty Bakerie I also bought this shade as well. This is a great nude colour that is rich and sumptuous with a long lasting formula and good wear down, I also think this is a great nude for all occasions and perfect for the transition into autumn. 

Nyx Honeymoon

The lip lingerie series of liquid lipsticks by Nyx are absolutely great; they are a collection of nudes (hence the name I think) where every tone of nude is covered, from the very pale nude Corset to the darker nudes like this one. I originally bought this with Embellishment (a dupe for Jeffree Star’s Scorpio) and when I first put it on I was shocked how much darker it looked on the lips, I was not sure I liked it, but then I was complimented on it by a friend and it made me feel more at ease. I have now grown to love this darker nude, it has a slightly cooler tone that really goes well with my complexion. 

Nyx Duchess 

This is another brown nude that I would probably have not worn a year ago and I am glad I changed my mind, this is not as dramatic as Honeymoon or indeed Vintage and offers a happy medium in between. This shade is so wearable for autumn and I also love the name of this colour, it makes me feel a little royal whenever I wear it. 

I hope you have all found this autumn lipsticks useful and it has given you some ideas ready for the weather change. What are your go to autumn lipsticks; do you like a berry, a red or a classic nude, I would love for you to let me know in the comments. 

Ciao for now beauties xx

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Lise says:

    These all look so nice! I love a good purple or deep red shade for autumn 🙂


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Purple is my favourite when it is cold, the deeper the better


  2. Britney says:

    I love all these! Especially the Angrogyny one because I love mauve colors.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I have too many mauves I have lost count

      Liked by 1 person

  3. DGGYST says:

    I’ve been rediscovering my black matte liquid to powder lipstick by Nyx. Fall is all about the lisptick


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I need to get out my darker purple lipsticks, maybe this weekend


  4. Such beautiful colors!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much, I love lipstick in autumn

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Since you are a lipstick lover, I am wondering if you have ever tried LipSense? I am NOT a distributor! 😉 I just love it though! I never wore lipstick before because I thought it was annoying. I am now a LipSense lover.


    1. MrsT says:

      I have not heard of LipSense. I am vary wary of multi level marketing companies so I tend to stay away from products that are sold by ‘distributers’.


      1. Oh I totally understand. I’m usually that way as well. I only tried because a good friend was selling, and I ended up adoring it. 🙂


      2. MrsT says:

        I really need to get through all of my lipstick collection and use them up. I bought so much I now struggle to use it all up. I have given away so much because I too many.


      3. I am the SAME WAY. Haha. I have so much unused makeup.


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