​Keeping it simple; my skincare routine

Why bother with skincare?
I used to be well and truly a hot mess when it came to looking after myself; I still am to a certain extent. However, re-discovering my love of makeup made me take more notice of myself, especially in the area of skincare. 

Most people that are addicted to makeup know only too well that having a good ‘base’ for your makeup does wonders for the application and appearance; primers can do a lot to help with this, but skincare goes a long way to helping you get that ‘flawless’ look that everyone craves. 

This is the reason why, at around the age of 33, I started taking notice of my skin and started trying to help it by implementing a skincare routine. Now being a busy mother does not go hand in hand with being able to look after your skin so I have had to keep it quick and simple, but I do make sure that I do this routine morning and night to make sure I keep on top of my skincare needs. 

My skincare needs

I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone to redness associated with Dermatitis and Rosacea which is triggered by all manner of things; stress, weather changes, products. I tend to find that my skin is so sensitive that, if I over cleanse it, I end up breaking out badly and the redness becomes bad. This has ruled out lots of facial cleansers, scrubs and even moisturisers because I have had a reaction to them. I find that many of the ‘anti-aging’ products tend to react badly with my face and it becomes sore so I have to be very careful. My skin is also prone to dry patches in the winter and so I have to make sure that I am hydrating my skin and protecting it from the elements. 

Micellar water

I always make sure that I take my makeup off and cleanse using micellar water every morning and evening. This might sound a drag but I feel like I cannot go to bed unless I have taken the makeup off my face, even if that means I am doing it at three in the morning. The majority of the time I use micellar water and a large cotton pad but I have been known to use the odd makeup wipe when I have been in a rush. 

I first discovered this miracle product when people were raving on about the Garnier micellar water so I thought I would give the green one a try, I was instantly in love and my skin felt so much better for it, I ditched the foaming facial cleanser which was drying my skin and tried two other varieties of the Garnier Micellar range, the pink one did not feel like it cleansed my skin enough and one infused with oil gave me the most terrible spots. I then went back to the green water, only to discover they had changed things and the smell was really strong and smelt like nail varnish remover so I started looking for a replacement. 

It was on a makeup group that I discovered the brilliant Micellar water that I use now, the Derma V10 Micellar, which is available at Home Bargains. I was so impressed with it that whenever I am in home bargains I buy up to 6 bottles, so I don’t ever run out. The water is great for my sensitive skin and it removes all of my makeup without any issue. 


I love a good toner spray, it is so refreshing and seems to balance things out after I have used my micellar water. I first discovered toner when I was going through my little ‘Lush’ obsession, I bought the ‘Eau Roma Water’ toner and I was immediately in love with it, I am a big lover of lavender and so this was an instant hit and something that I repurchased. 

I have not bought this recently simply for the reason I have not been able to get to a Lush store and I don’t want to buy online as you have to pay postage on their site. I was using the Superdrug Vitamin E toner spray which was great until my son discovered a full bottle and wasted it spraying it around the house. I am not using toner at the moment and I really feel like there has been something missing in terms of my skin, maybe if I start using a toner again it will help. 


This is a step that I always do and feel like it has transformed my skin for the better, do not underestimate the power of a good moisturiser. Having sensitive, dry skin means that choices are limited in terms of what I can use on my face; all the anti-ageing ones tend to annoy my skin so I stick to the hydrating ones and the more hydrating the better. 

I currently am using the Superdrug Vitamin E day cream but I will be probably changing it around after I finish the tub. This is because, as much as it is a good all-round moisturiser, it is not as hydrating and rich as I would like, I used to use the Nivea Hydrating day cream and found that to be fabulous. 

Moisturiser is so funny with my skin that I was bought a lovely expensive ‘Lush’ one and within two days I was covered in spots and had to use the tub up on my arms rather than on my face, it was an expensive 12.   

Night cream

This is the part of my skincare routine that I sadly neglect, just because I am usually so tired that I just take my makeup off and forget the night cream. I feel like a night cream is important as it can help your skin heal while you sleep, especially the thicker night creams.

I am currently using the Lacura Caviar Illuminating night cream  but I have to say I will not be purchasing it again, I do not feel it really does anything other than a normal moisturiser and it tends to aggravate my skin straight after I have used it, which is not too much of a problem but I would rather have one that doesn’t. 

A night cream that I do love and will be purchasing again is the Nspa Night cream. This cream is so rich and replenishing and whenever I have used it I wake up with my skin feeling gorgeous, it also lasts for quite a while because being a thick formula you do not need a lot. I would really recommend the Nspa skincare range available from Asda it is usually on offer and has everything you need in terms of skincare and they are really reasonable in terms of price. 

Facial oil

This is an optional step that I only use if I need it, facial oils have been a big thing in the past year with brands releasing lots of different formulas. I have found that a facial oil is great at balancing your skin and I use it when my skin needs an extra boost of hydration but it is not just for people with dry skin, everyone can use it.

You might be surprised to hear that if you have oily skin then a facial oil is fantastic for oil control, your skin releases more oil if it feels like your skin is lacking it so people with oily skin tend to use a deep cleanser that strips these oils and your body goes into overdrive to replenish it. If you use a facial oil in your skincare routine you are ‘tricking’ your skin into thinking it does not need to produce excess oil. 

It might not be a surprise to hear that I love the Nspa facial oil from Asda (this is not sponsored) because it leaves my skin feeling gorgeous after use. I sometimes use it as a mask when I get into the bath, I just pop a load on and let it sink in while I relax. As I said I do not use it every day, but there is no reason why you can’t and I should really make it a more regular part of my routine.  

Be aware of changes

Our environment, stress and changes in the weather can have a big impact on our skin so we need to be mindful of the things around us and possibly change up our skin care products to reflect these changes. An example of this is winter, I will be definitely using more facial oil to combat the dryness I get when the weather is cold. If you are subjected to changes in temperature throughout the day or work in an air-conditioned environment then you might want to research products will help your skin.  

I hope you found this post useful, this is just the way I do my skincare, everyone has different needs and opinions. I would love to hear about other people’s skincare routines and if there are any products that you swear by, let me know in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. sraganser says:

    lovely tips, I try to moisturize as much as I can living in sunny place sure does some serious damage to my skin.


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