10 Things I Love About My Life 

My crazy family
I blooming love the bones of all my family; they are just like me ‘mad as a box of frogs’. I love that all of my family have little ‘quirky’ personality traits that make them special. I come from quite a small family, as I don’t have any siblings which meant that I got to spend lots of time with my parents (yes, I am a bit spoiled). I remember laughing and watching ridiculous TV with my dad (the carry on films and ‘some mothers do have em’ spring to mind) and rocking out to Bon Jovi or Queen with my mum. 

Likewise, Mr. T is my absolute ‘partner in madness’ I can be my silly self with him and he will go along with it. We have had so many laughs in the eleven years we have been together and now we have two equally ‘crackers’ children to complete our little family. Things are never often serious for long in the Mrs. T household. 

My son Sebastian is absolutely loopy and will just make funny things up on the spot, he is very sharp and is always picking up on everything (he is constantly telling me off for using the word idiot a lot). 

My daughter, Layla, is a bundle of fearless energy, she is giggling and being cheeky throughout most of the day, even though she is only one I can tell she is going to be a marvelous little ‘handful’.  

My Friends 

Apart from my family, my friends are my absolute rock, I blooming love them. I have an amazing best friend that I have known for 20 years and have been through so much with. I have crazy work friends that I laugh with and I have my ‘Makeup friends’, my husband jokes that my makeup friends on Facebook are ‘not real friends’ because I haven’t met them in person (I have met two, the gorgeous Erinn and my gutter twin the sassy Laura), but that couldn’t be further than the truth. My makeup friends have always been there for me, through good times and bad and have championed me and built my confidence and if it wasn’t for them I would not be blogging now. I owe so much of my past year of happiness and confidence to the amazing queens that have built me up to be the person I am now. 


Music is such a passion of mine, it has been with me for the majority of my life and I do not feel like there will ever be a time when I don’t listen to my favorite music. Music has such an ability to change the mood and lift people up, it can define moments in your life and become the ‘soundtrack to your life’. I have been using Spotify playlists to build different playlists to help me get through things, if I need to feel sassy I will listen to my ‘makeup queens’ playlist, if I want to cheer myself up I will listen to my ‘Get Happy’ playlist and if I want to feel nostalgic I will listen to my ‘90’s’ playlist. There is nothing better than listening to a song you love and it helping you realise how awesome life truly is. 


I am a child of the 1980’s and my love of all things Marvel has stemmed from watching ‘Spiderman’, Xmen and my favorite ‘Spiderman and his Amazing Friends’ on Saturday morning TV. I have always had a vivid imagination and so science fiction has always been a genre that I have loved; from hiding behind the sofa at Doctor Who to being addicted to the Star Wars and Superman films, I would avidly watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek films/series of the 90’s anything that was set in an alternative universe. 

It was in my mid 20’s when I met my husband that my full blown obsession with the Marvel universe would come to fruition; my favourite Marvel movie is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2’. Our house is a treasure trove of Marvel memorabilia with Funko pops and a big collage of Deadpool on the wall (which I made). I love the whole escapism that science fiction, and especially Marvel offers. I even have some Marvel themed makeup on the way to me, but I will save that for another post.  


I have had an on off relationship with makeup; I have gone years of wearing it and years of not wearing it but I always come back to it. Again, being a child of the 80’s, I have been drawn to the bold and colorful makeup looks. I have loved eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner especially and always loved applying it (when it goes right). 

I have always been an artistic person, I have dabbled in many crafts and arty things all of which I have enjoyed but now really felt I excelled at until I started taking makeup seriously about two years ago. My skills doing makeup have really progressed and it gives me a great sense of pride to see how far I have taken it, doing makeup competitions and challenges. 

Keanu Reeves

This has been a 26-year obsession; ever since I saw ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ I have had a crush on the lovely Keanu. I remember spending many a weekend watching, rewinding and rewatching ‘Point Break’ as a teenager. I had a massive Keanu film collection and it was my mission to watch them all. I had posters of him everywhere, I even had a poster of him with his top off that was on my wall for over ten years. I kept the poster up until I met Mrs. T so maybe it was a sign that we were meant to be together. 

Another reason I like Keanu is that for a multi million dollar celebrity, he is genuinely a good guy. He does not buy into the whole ‘celebrity lifestyle’ and has done a lot of nice things for people. He is the type of guy that will spend a couple of hours talking and sharing some food with a homeless person or riding the subway to work like everyone else. 

Cherry Cola

I have always had a thing for cola, ever since my teens, I can safely say that I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction to it which I am trying to tackle for my own benefit. I have always had diet Cola and when I discovered Diet Cherry Cola it was like a revolution, it quickly became the only thing I drank. 

So I have sent over twenty years of my life drinking the stuff, it has been one of the hardest things to give up (I gave up smoking, I do not drink a lot so I don’t have many vices). I am so pleased that I have not had cola in the house for about two months as I could easily get through two litres of the stuff a day. I am now drinking a lot more water and feeling the benefit of it. I do occasionally treat myself when I am out, but considering the progress I have made, I feel it’s all good in moderation. 


Roughly at the same time, I discovered Keanu Reeves I saw a poster for a theatre group. I was really interested in the idea of performing, but I was very shy around people I did not know (I still am). I told my mum about it and she encouraged me to go and take part. What started was a passion that would influence my future career. 

I sent eight of the best years in youth theatre, it gave me confidence, it helped me discover my voice and it taught me important life lessons about hard work reaping rewards. The director at my youth theatre, Jen, was such an inspiration to me that I decided I wanted to be like her, I wanted to pass my passion for theatre on and encourage young people like she did. I feel like I have achieved that, being a drama teacher and inspiring a passion for the performing arts. 


I never take things too seriously in life, as I mentioned in my post ‘embracing the inner clown’. I have a very outrageous sense of humour as I grew up with a lot of the 70’s and 80’s comedy around me. My Grandad had a great sense of humour and was always laughing and joking and playing the fool, something that my Dad also does now, he was always joking with me as a child and now entertains my Grandkids with his humour.

I love either slapstick comedy or very weird comedy; among my favourites are Monty Python, Eddie Izzard and Flight of the Conchords. I love the mixture of music and comedy and the observational comedy that dissects the life around us.  I love the absurdity that comedy can bring and the sense of escapism; you can be distracted away from the worries of everyday life, laughter really is the best medicine. 


I feel like I was born singing, I have been singing and performing from a very young age, but only usually to myself, in my room with a hairbrush.  Now I have upgraded to the realms of my car and my microphone is a hand’s free one. Singing, even if it is badly, has such a power to lift your mood and make you feel like you are on top of the world.

I can actually sing, believe it or not, but I have not performed in public for a long while, I have previous sang in front of hundreds of people at cabaret evenings when I was young. I have rediscovered my love for singing through my attempts at leading a more positive life; my Spotify playlists being full of uplifting tunes that I can sing along to. I have even joined the choir at work in an effort to have fun and sing more. 

Hope you enjoyed that little insight into the world of Mrs T, I would love to know the things that you love in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. DGGYST says:

    KEAUNNNNUUUUU! I used to cry giant teenage tears that we would never be together lol!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      He is amazing isn’t he, I still worship him xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. simplymesmc says:

    Nice post .. adorb family


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      They are the most important thing xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A lovely, uplifting post x. Family is the most important thing in my life, and I totally agree with you about lots of your other happy things. I too feel like I was born to sing, (and dance) but I sadly cannot carry a tune in a bucket!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thanks so much for reading, I bet you can really sing and are just doing yourself a disservice, you could share your singing with the family 😁😁xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I a, sure they would thank you for that suggestion 🙂


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