Back to school with 'My Little Pony' 

I am revisiting the days of my childhood; maybe it is my premature mid-life crisis at work or I have fallen well and truly off my rocker but I have been indulging in my love for ‘My Little Pony’. I used the excuse of going back to work after the summer holidays, as I am a teacher, to purchase some new stationery because who doesn’t need lots of pens and notebooks on their first week back to school?  

I have occasional bouts of SHD or ‘stationary hoarder’s disease’ to give it the correct definition. I know that some of you will be able to identify with me on this one; that deep desire to have pens in every colour and every style, in a pretty pencil case or tin with a beautiful, new, elaborate notebook to go with it. You plan to walk straight past the stationary aisle but the lure of the post-it notes and highlighters draw you in like a temptress.  The next thing you know you have bought more than you need to keep a small tribe equipped for the school year.   

My stationary hoarding tendencies used to be more art related, as I used to craft as a hobby. Since discovering bullet journaling I have resurrected my love for pens, pencils and notebooks; I have also discovered that B & M Bargains have started selling ‘My Little Pony’ stationary in their run up to pupils and teachers alike going back to school.   

I always liked ‘My Little Pony’ as a child, I remember having a video of the much-loved cartoon and I think I had one of the ponies (the purple one I seem to remember).  I do not think I was fanatical on the program and having the ‘dolls’; mainly because I was more into ‘Rainbow Brite’, reading Enid Blyton books and collecting ‘Sylvanian Families’ but I do remember liking them.  

I am well and truly blaming my children for my rediscovery of ‘My Little Pony’; since my son watches the TV channel Tiny Pop and along with ‘PJ Masks’ he likes to watch it. I am also blaming having my little daughter, who is now one year old, for releasing my inner ‘pony’ as when I am shopping for clothes for her I am desperately trying to keep away from very ‘flowery’ garments, instead opting for rainbows and unicorns and anything that has a funky pattern to it.   

Anyway, enough of me blaming my children for my behaviour like the awful parent that I am and let’s go through what goodies I got. The first item I bought I got a couple of weeks ago and it was the thing that sparked the second episode of SHD. 

This spiral notebook with pony designed paper running throughout it had been trying to jump into my basket ever since I first saw it, but like a good Mrs T, I resisted, as I already had notebooks, until the day I took my son shopping with me. We got soaked in the rain and as a consolation, he got a ‘Hot Wheels’ car and I got this. I love that it has the ‘My Little Pony’ design on every page and how ‘busy’ the covers to the notebook are, they are perfect for someone as crazy as I am.  

So, after starting using my new notepad as my new and improved bullet journal as the one I was using was not practical for me, I decided I would bite the bullet and indulge my inner child with more MLP themed stationary.  I knew that B & M bargains stocked it and it would be reasonably priced so I went a bit crazy and got nearly everything in the MLP range.  

The pencil case and the second notebook are probably going to go to work with me.  I have a weekly task notebook where I log all the things I need to do, being a teacher, I have to be organised and write things down as I cannot rely on my memory. Since becoming a mum, by brain struggles to remember things and so writing them down helps me to work efficiently and prioritise tasks. I think I will use the pencil case to keep my special pens and highlighters in that I use for marking students work.   

The rest of the items are going to stay at home so I can use them when doing my bullet journaling; I have a massive A4 size pencil case that I have lots of different pens and pencils in, having lots of choice in terms of coloured pens make using my bullet journal a bit more exciting, since I used to craft and make art. My bullet journal journey is still in its early stages and I am getting the hang of things but if you would like me to do a post about planning and bullet journaling, please let me know in the comments.   

So that is all for this special ‘back to school’ post, are you a bit of a stationery addict like me? What stationery items are you currently loving, I would love to hear your opinions.   

Ciao for now my beauties xx

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  1. DGGYST says:

    I LOVED my little ponies. I even watched the movies. They were so pretty lol


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I have not seen the film yet, I feel I need to

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god, I was literally obsessed with My Little Pony (the first time round, Im old remember). I loved how they were all scented and their hair was brushable. I think I actually still played with them when I was 13……..the shame


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I feel like age should not be a barrier to a MLP obsession 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved MLP as a kid, too! My daughter is now obsessed with it! BTW…great haul here!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you I am hoping my daughter will like them too

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love ponies😍😍😚


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      They are awesome aren’t they?


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