Editorial Eyeliner

​Editorial, what the flip does that mean?

I remember about a year ago when I was first starting to take makeup really seriously, I was doing a live on a Facebook group doing a typical blended out gradient effect green eye that has become a bit of a signature look for me; when someone on the chat said ‘make it editorial’, I was like what in the blazes are you going on about?

Having not been much of a follower of fashion and having not bought a beauty magazine in years I felt I had been exposed as the newbie that I was; editorial makeup was described to me as ‘fashion shoot/magazine makeup’, something that makes an artistic  statement and would not be necessarily be worn as everyday or night out makeup.

After hearing about editorial makeup I was definitely intrigued; I had done quite a bit of competition makeup and various challenges but nothing really stylist like the editorial looks, they screamed to my imaginative streak and the fact that I am a visual learning (that’s why I watch lots of YouTube).

I have had a few tries at some looks that are more editorial; one of the first was a rainbow eye that I did as a base for a graffiti style challenge, I really enjoyed it but I feel that I am much better at doing themed looks, maybe it is because at least with a theme you can use it as a starting point.


Editorial makeup relies very much on high fashion and trends to get their inspiration from; recently I wrote about the ‘feather brow’ trend which was taking off on Instagram and causing arguments all over makeup groups because of its bold look. I have now discovered a trend of editorial makeup that suits me down to the ground as it involves my favourite makeup product ever, eyeliner.

Editorial eyeliner is awesome

As you might know from following my blog, I am a big fan of eyeliner and especially the trusty wing,  so when I heard that a new editorial trend of ‘wobbly eyeliner’ I had to investigate.

In the past we had seen eyeliner wings come in all different shapes an sizes; knives, unicorn horns, you name it, there is a wing for it, but the one thing that has drawn me to this new trend is the fact that I feel like I could actually have a go at this one.

How did I find ‘Wobbly eyeliner’

I came about this when looking at pictures posted by the wonderful Jordan Nicola Smith who is a self taught Makeup Artist and YouTuber who I have been fortunate enough to see grow and blossom into an amazingly talented lady. You can follow her work on her Instagram as well.

I asked her all about editorial style eyeliner looks and she was kind enough to share some of her work with me and let me showcase it here for you all to see. It must have took a lot of time and practice for her to perfect these looks and it has given me hope.

Why would pictures of makeup give you hope Mrs T? 

It shows that, everyone can achieve great things if they put the work in and believe; Jordan has a massive passion for editorial makeup and she has inspired me to give it a try again, she keeps pushing the boundaries of makeup being an art form and shows that you should never be afraid to try something a little bit out of your comfort zone, it might surprise you. I have seen her post over the past year and showed true commitment to her craft; she is extremely hard working and coming up with tons of looks each week which have inspired others. I would hope that eventually more people will follow her and her flair for editorial makeup.

Would you like to see me try to recreate some of Jordan’s looks, let me know in the comments.

Ciao for now makeup fans. xx

7 Comments Add yours

  1. gloriagordon says:

    This is so awesome! Eyeliner is my everyday must-have and I’ve been wanting to try more looks. You’re very talented 🙂


  2. jsearcy08 says:

    Love this! I’ve been playing around more & more with my makeup myself & doing eyeliner can be tricky sometimes. I love what your look on the editorial eyeliner. Very pretty!


  3. Krissy @thoughtfullyunraveled says:

    I am horrible at eyeliner. Well horrible at makeup in general. It is not a skill set I have, but am working on. These are impressive!


  4. momathrift says:

    So cool. I wish I was steady with my hands so I could attempt this. Beautiful work.


  5. Marina Rosie says:

    I love makeup however, it took me such a long time to really master the art of a good solid wing! xx I couldn’t do anything like this though – amazing talent! x
    Marina xx


  6. I love that! I’m doing a editorial eyeliner post this Thursday.


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