Anti Haul; What I'm Not Going to Buy Part 1

What exactly is an anti haul?

The concept of an ‘anti haul’ was created by the very funny and talented Kimberly Clark for her YouTube channel in a response to the rising amount of consumerist content that was flooding the beauty community and YouTube.

The idea of an anti haul is very simply the opposite to a haul;  a haul would talk about what the person has already bought and why/first impressions, however,  an anti haul is where you talk about the products you are NOT going to purchase and why. Kimberly usually sings ‘What I’m not going to buy’ in a very theatrical manner, which I love, she then talks about popular ‘hyped’ products and why she is not going to spend her money on them.

I discovered anti hauls a few months back and it was a revelation, someone was finally saying the same thing that I was; we don’t need a lot of these aggressively marketed and hyped products. Sometimes we are paying for the ‘name’ and the packaging and sometimes we are even fleeced by companies selling low quality products for a higher mark up or the false promises of products being ‘limited edition’.

So, without further ado, I am going to talk about what I am not going to buy; this is purely just my opinion and what does not work for me might work for everyone else, I am purely just giving reasons why I am not going to spend my money on the following things.

Pro Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette

I used to watch Jaclyn Hill about a year ago along with quite a few big YouTubers, I switched off because I soon realised that she did very similar looks for most of the videos she did and was always talking about the same products in every video. I actually purchased quite a few of my Makeup Geek individual eyeshadows based on her recommendation, I do not regret this as they are good, but I could have found cheaper, drugstore alternatives if I had just shopped around.

Back to the Pro Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette and the reasons why I will not be lining Ms Hill’s and Morphe pockets by purchasing this. The main reason is we have seen most of these colours before; it is very typical of Jaclyn to do warm neutral tones, we probably own most of these colours already in our makeup collections, why add more? I have too many warm neutral palettes that I do not use to justify buying another.

You might now be thinking ‘but what about the lovely green shades, isn’t it your favourite colour?’ Yes, green is my favourite colour and the greens in the palette look nice, but nothing really special, I probably already have them in my other palettes (I have some sleek palettes with some lovely greens/blues in). I am not going to pay a premium to just use 20% of the palette, it is a false economy when you can just gradually buy the Makeup Geek ones which are actually better quality than Morphe.

Jeffree Star Summer 2017 Chrome collection

As you probably remember from a previous post (Have we had too much Jeffree Star?) I said I would be giving his summer 2017 collection a huge miss on account that the shades have all very similar to all the other stuff he has. There was one shade, you better work, that I was tempted to buy but as I am obsessed with purple lipsticks I already have shades that are practically the same as this or at least a very close dupe.

Being friends with a lot of makeup addicts (sorry, enthusiasts) you tend to hear if there are any problem with products that are released; the main thing that has put me off ‘You better work’ is the fact that one of my dear friends has had a bad reaction to the lipstick and also has reported it is patchy. This friend is a self confessed J Star junkie and has the majority of his collection without having any problems before, maybe this is just isolated to that colour or even just an odd batch, however I do not want to spend 16 finding that out when I don’t actually need it.

As for the skin frosts; there are reports that they smash easily due to the formula and the size of the pan, plus I have so many highlighters I could keep the tin man shiny for ten years so that is also a pass from me.

Any fake tanning products

Back in the day, when I was 18 and in my prime, I would spend every Thursday night covered in fake tan, preparing for Friday night clubbing with my friends. Being very pale and attempting to wear a short dress with my un-tannable, milk bottle legs would have been laughed at.

Back then, I never really understood the appeal of having a tan but I did it because that is was what everyone else was doing, sad but true. I used to hate doing it, hate the horrid stains on my hands, the missed patches where you did not put enough product on and most of all I never liked the orange tone it used to give me.

Forward 18 years and I can safely say I am happy being a milk bottle shade of ghostly white, why, because it is part of me. I am never going to be able to get a tan naturally, nor would I want to risk the diseases associated with tanning. So I do not need to waste hours slapping on the fake tan, because I am just as beautiful pale as I would be with a tan; after all having ‘skin as white as snow’ did not do Snow White much harm, she started a cleaning business for dwarves and met her handsome prince after having the best nap ever.

Morphe 25A and 25B

Another Morphe product, are you picking on poor Morphe Mrs T? I have not got a vendetta against Morphe, nor will I not purchase from them in the future because they might release  something I really like.

However I was someone that fell for the Morphe ‘hype’ and bought quite a few of their palettes and have become a bit disappointed with them. My 35C is my all time favourite and the colours are fantastic but the 25A and B palettes are a classic demonstration of Morphe releasing palettes that are already incredibly similar to previous ones and just changing the name.

Again we see warm toned browns/oranges with some coppery, shimmery shades; very similar to the 35OS, 35F and the 35T. I have all three of the 35 palettes and I don’t use any of them very regularly; I have tried many a time but I always feel I need a pop of colour rather than a plain neutral eye.

The fact that Morphe are a private label company also puts me off; the palettes are made at the Crown Brush factory and the Morphe name is just put on, so I could get the same palettes cheaper just without the Morphe name. If I was wanting these I would have a look around as I can guarantee you can buy them without the hefty Morphe markeup.

Too Faced ‘Natural Love’ palette

Apart from the Chocolate bar palettes (which you can get dupes of from Makeup revolution), Too faced makeup has never really appealed to me. They seem to have a habit of doing ‘plain, boring, neutral palletes with one or two pops of colour thrown in’; this palette does not actually have any pops of colour in there, just neutrals. This might be great for someone new to makeup and just wanting stuff for a simple, everyday look but you can actually get similar stuff from Tarte cosmetics and this looks also identical in style to their palettes.

This is quite ironic considering the founder of Too faced actually accused Tarte of copying their ‘unicorn makeup’ (Throwing Shade on Shady Business) on Twitter once. Maybe this palette this Too Faced’s way of getting their own back, who knows? Too Faced as a brand seem to leave a strange taste in my mouth after all their arguments with Jeffree Star, I shall be resisting Too Faced unless they come up with a Marvel comics themed makeup line and if they do I will be at the front of the queue.

So that is my first ever anti haul; as I said earlier, these are just my personal opinions and I am all about freedom of choice so if it works for you then go right ahead, splash that cash. Doing this has actually made me focus on what I do actually want.

I am thinking of getting some Sugarpill single eyeshadows and the Gerard Cosmetics ‘Slay All Day’ setting spray but I need further persuasion. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and also what you are anti hauling at the moment.

Ciao for now makeup fans xx

19 Comments Add yours

  1. Fun post! I’m totally with you on the pale look. I’ll be rocking white legs all summer.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you I think tanning is well overrated I don’t usually get my legs out at all xc


  2. Talha Ishaq says:

    Written perfectly! Loved it


  3. ly says:

    This is my first anti haul exposure & I love it! I agree with you in much of what you’ve said here. I could probably blog forever in all the hyped things I’ll never buy lol but seriously I love the concept of the anti haul.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It really is a revolutionary idea, people are becoming far too obsessed by material things, thanks for commenting


  4. hollife says:

    I’ve never fake tanned and never plan to; I don’t mind being pale!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It was only peer pressure that had me doing it, of the joys of being a teenage sheep 😂😂😂


  5. Humaira says:

    I had no idea morphs palettes were made in the same factory as crown brushes. The cheek of it!

    I had one morphs palette which I promptly sold as the colors were just not pigmented enough for me.

    Really enjoyed your anti haul!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I know it’s a bit naughty but apparently it’s done quite often


  6. Jordan D'Amico says:

    Very cool concept. You couldn’t pay me to buy any tanning products!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It’s great to know people feel the same way


  7. I LOVE the idea of an anti-haul. I feel so overwhelmed by new make-up products sometimes (especially all the palettes from Tarte and Too Faced) that they all kind of begin to look the same to me! I was also glad to hear that you’ve stopped using tanning products … sometimes my friends say, “Oooh I can’t wear a skirt yet because I need to tan …” and I honestly think they look lovely the way they are!!

    xo Jaime


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      We have so many choices we feel overwhelmed. I am really enjoying just trying to use the products up and not having to think about what to wear on my face


  8. Luci says:

    Written very well. I too will be showing (not showing) my pale skin this summer.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I was planning to show my pale legs to a social event but I ended up getting trousers instead


  9. Luci says:

    I want to add from my other post. Most of these brands are overrated. You can purchase ‘dubs’ for these brands for half or even more than that what they cost. If a product is great I am willing to shell out the extra cash but if I can find products that are equal I’ll just buy those.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      This is so true you would not believe how much these companies market their products and make a huge profit it’s ridiculous


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