Confessions of a Beauty Addict

It is hard to deny that I am now a full blown makeup addict, this started around two years ago (How My Makeup Addiction Started) when I suddenly realised I wanted to do something to make myself feel good.  I had not had the best of years and I came to realise that I needed to spend some time on myself as I had become somewhat of a shadow of the confident, bubbly woman that I was in my late twenties. 
Suffice to say, once I found makeup, I very quickly became a bit obsessed with all things beauty. Now as much as makeup can be an amazing thing, it does have its pitfalls; it can change the way you think, feel and do things. So I have decided to confess for my makeup sins along with some confessions I have heard from other beauty addicts I know. 

Spending far too much time on applying your makeup.

This is something that I am definitely guilty of and it annoys my hubby Mr. T so much. He often jokes ‘You have only got three hours you better start your makeup now.’ I am often the last person out of the door, rushing around because I thought it would be a clever idea to do a glitter cut crease and attempt applying false lashes. Even when I am doing my average working day makeup I take at least 45 minutes and have to get up at ridiculous hours in the morning to do it. I do not think I could ever do my makeup under 10 minutes, that’s just the time it takes to do my brows and eyeliner. As I said, I have makeup addiction, the more I apply, the more I want to apply more. 

Spending far too much on makeup 

You will find yourself saying ‘I don’t need anymore makeup this month’ only to look on Facebook or Instagram and see some hot new product and think ‘I must have this in my hands now! I need it so much, it is so pretty!’ Another time you might say ‘I going on a spending ban till next pay day’ only to hear that there is a sale on or a buy one, get one free from one of your fellow ‘enablers’. All plans of a spending ban go out of the window as you prepare to live on baked beans and toast for the rest of the month just so you can get your paws on a bargain.  

Hiding purchases from family and friends 

I could never do this one as my hubby is at home all day with the kids but I have seen plenty of other people talk about buying makeup and then hiding it from their family. Whether it is your partner, kids or parents, excess spending is usually a thing that can set off the odd argument or twenty in quite a few cases. How does a makeup addict possibly hide such things? It is quite simple, you intercept the package as quick as you can and make sure you have plenty of makeup storage; once the item has reached the makeup storage it just blends in with everything else. Remember to be careful invoice slips, an accidentally discarded invoice slip in the recycling pile could spell disaster and also result in someone hiding the credit card. 

Enabling other people’s makeup addictions.

I love the makeup community and have made so many good friends from it but boy are they enablers. I went from not wanting anymore highlighters to my friend persuading me that I needed the Anastacia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero palette and some highlighters from Phee’s Makeup Shop. She even did swatches in an attempt to lure me into spending. Another friend introduced me to Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips knowing I already had loads of liquid lippies. In fairness I have done my fair share of enabling others when it comes to buying makeup. I find that when there are no products I want or I have spent too much then I find myself being very encouraging to other peoples spending. We are a community after all and we are all in it together. I used to be a crafter and I would definitely say that enabling is not just confined to the makeup world. 

Saying ‘I’m going to do a simple, understated look today…. then BOOM…. full face of makeup.

I actually did a live video on a makeup group and said those immortal words ‘I’m going simple today’. Over an hour later I was sat their with a full on ice blue glitter cut crease and full blown wing when my friends pointed out ‘I thought you were not doing a full blown face today’. No matter how hard I try I cannot do ‘simple’, those words do not enter into my vocabulary when it comes to makeup. Even when I do a minimal makeup look, it still takes me ages to do and I still use all the products I would use for a full blown face. I would advice that you never make promises you cannot keep and the temptation to do a full blown, glam face would have any makeup addict weak.  

Having far too much of a particular makeup item

Are you a lipstick junkie or a highlighter goddess; do you have a nail varnish collection that would make a salon jealous? For me it is eyeshadows that I’m particularly addicted to; I have a collection that could probably keep a drag queen in business for five years and I am not ashamed of it, I did not get the nickname #Shadowqueen for nothing. Each makeup addict has their particular vice, for some it is liquid lipsticks, for others it is foundations but the only issue is that if you are not too careful it won’t just be that one particular type of makeup item; I started with eyeshadow but I think I am addicted to highlighters and lipsticks as well. Oh well, at least I’m honest about the extent of my addiction.   

Using a product running out as an excuse to buy far too much

‘I’m popping into town, I need a new mascara’ I bellow out to my hubby on a Saturday morning. I arrive back with an eyeshadow palette, two lipsticks, an eyeliner and TWO mascaras because I could not make a decision because they had stopped making my favourite one. Sometimes I stock up on makeup well before I am due to run out and have back ups of backups. I am not sure whether it is the survivalist inside of me is preparing for when we have some sort of zombie apocalypse and I can’t nip to Superdrug because I am hid in a bunker somewhere. 

Noticing/inspecting other peoples makeup

This one is not about judging just merely noticing things that never really noticed before. Before I became a makeup addict I never really took much notice of what people had on their faces but now I am constantly thinking ‘That girl has an epic wing/gorgeous lipstick/banging highlight’ or I will be watching a TV program or film and say to myself ‘You can tell her lips are over lined’ or ‘That eyeshadow needs a bit more blending’ or ‘her blush is so gorgeous, you can tell the makeup artist has done some draping’. Now instead of watching things for the plot points, I now look for the makeup used. 

Being able to recognise a particular lipstick shade on someone else.

I can’t spot many but I can spot certain lipsticks on other people that I see on posts or name a dupe for it. This is mainly with Jeffree Star or Nyx as they are the ones I have looked at so much online. I have done this with eyeshadow palettes as well, saving myself buying the J* Androgyny palette because I could name many of my Makeup Geek eyeshadows that were nearly the same colour.

Using any excuse to put your makeup on. 

‘I’m going to nip to Asda, I just need to put my makeup on’ has been heard in may household on many occasion. I now very rarely go out without my face on, in fact there was a time when I would put makeup on for just being at home without any visitors coming around. It sounds silly but the act of putting on my makeup is therapeutic and I have found myself sometimes doing my makeup just for the simple reason that I have so much. 

Do you identify with any of these confessions? I would love to hear your confessions in the comments section. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

25 Comments Add yours

  1. eazynazy says:

    I can totally relate to you, I am still a learner but am already addicted to it 🙂


  2. Cassie says:

    I have to say I’ve steered away from make up over the past few years and my skin is loving me for it. I’m pretty crazy about face and body products though! I had too many shampoos, conditioners, cleansers etc!!!


  3. nichole says:

    I went with a bang in the first few months. I LOVE MAKEUP. I went to walmart and got a desk for about $25, a mirror from amazon, a small bathroom shelf rack from ross for all of my misc stuff I didn’t want on my table. I have a refrigerator clear organizer that holds my 20+ pallets and a office organizer for all my lipsticks that don’t fit into my lipstick organizer. In the matter of 6 months I had more than I can handle, but I liked the feeling of wanting to look better and it was more for me than anyone else.


  4. Humaira says:

    I went crazy for makeup in my 30s, mid-life crisis perhaps? But I’m also a trained makeup artist, so I justified it in that I needed it. Now I’m taking a break from client work, I sold off anything I didn’t use and am very picky about my makeup, although spending bans never seem to work…


  5. I, too, am a beauty addict! Good thing part of my job is reviewing and testing new beauty products, otherwise, I’d break the bank! Ha ha ha 🙂


  6. wakeupmakeupnconquer says:

    So funny! I related to almost every confession. I definitely call myself a beauty addict and can attest to spending alot of money on new makeup products. Great post!


  7. I also started spending way to much money on makeup! Ah!


  8. brepeablog says:

    Haha I can totally relate. I always tell myself, “Just put on a natural look…” and then BAM, full contour lol


  9. David says:

    My wife would totally get along with you! I am always finding a new beauty gadget in our bathroom. She is a hairstylist and I swear that every month we are shelling out for that new hair dryer! That’s alright we all love how you ladies look afterwards!


  10. I can’t say that I relate to that since I’m a no-makeup addict 😀 Though I like the fact that you “love” something so much and you put all your energy into that. You shouldn’t feel guilty.


  11. hahaha I love these 🙂 I’m not a make-up addict by these standards, but I try not to go anywhere but the gym without a bit of mascara and lip balm.


    1. Do you feel like there is anything wrong with feeling like you are uncomfortable not leaving your house without wearing makeup? Do you feel equally as beautiful without makeup as you do with it?


  12. I did my own makeup for my wedding and I definitely saw these tendencies coming out at that time of my life! Thankfully I’ve gone back to minimal makeup (out of sheer laziness) and my wallet is thanking me haha.


  13. RM says:

    I never wear makeup… Does Chapstick count? 🙂 I’m glad you love you though 🙂


  14. Marina says:

    I totally relate to all of this! Especially the ending up with a full face when you were just going to go simple!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever said I would go simple and then not done a full face it’s too tempting to slap all the makeup on


  15. Jody says:

    I am aminimualist when it comes to make up it takes me 10 minutes or less in the morning


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I have been trying to get my make-up routine in the week down to as minimal as I can, I’m down to 15 minutes which is good for me


  16. engrreginald says:

    Wow…. Going through your makeup confession, I found out that it is really a general thing which is common with ladies. Like my girlfriend she spends alot on makeup, and also time in making up. But the good thing about it all is when she spends this time doing all this , it brings out the perfect beauty in her.
    I love your article it has also helped me understand ladies better.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I’m glad it helped you see into the mind of a woman make-up is an art I feel an art takes time


  17. thatssodarling says:

    I too love makeup! I have fun doing it! I wouldn’t say I’m a makeup addict as much as I am a clothing addict lol but I totally get what you mean!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I have been resisting buying makeup recently and have started to get a bit obsessed with clothes I bought nearly a whole new wardrobe


  18. James says:

    Very interesting and thought provoking article. I’ll be linking this to my girlfriend, as she can definitely relate to this!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much for reading I hope your girlfriend likes it


  19. Your transparency is so admirable.
    I know what it feels like to be addicted to wearing makeup. I started feeling like who I was naturally was not as beautiful without makeup; that is when knew I needed to make a change in how I saw myself. Over the years, I have grown comfortable leaving my house without any makeup on, and it took time, but it feels good to embrace my natural beauty.
    I hope you know that you are just as beautiful without makeup as you are wearing it.
    I am hosting a no makeup selfie challenge #NoMakeupMondays, here is the link for the challenge information and how to participate
    My latest post “Bullshit Beauty Quotes” challenges popular quotes that make it seem like women are not beautiful unless they are wearing makeup, I would love to know your thoughts!


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