Too Much Drama in Makeup?

Drama is everywhere.

Society is far from perfect, with every positive that happens a negative will usually follow. For every random act of kindness that is shown there is someone else being hurtful. It is a hard thing to accept but with kindness there is also cruelty, with love there is hate and with makeup there is always a dark shadow lurking in the distance called drama.

I refer to drama, not in the theatrical sense, but in the sense of gossip and scandel; whether a big community of strong, passionate characters congregate you will alway find some drama stirring up a right storm in a shady tea cup. When a dissagreement or some type of ‘drama’ occurs, people start to show themselves in different ways.

Some people stand against individuals ‘exposing’ them for being shady or two faced, other people play both sides of the argument to their own advantage when drama explodes, some people play the victim, some people are the actual victims, some watch the fireworks from a distance while others step in late and do not have a clue what on earth is happening (this is usually me). Having been a part of makeup groups for over two years it is unfortunately a fact of life; drama sometimes errupts with great force and furious anger (say it in a Samual L Jackson voice)

Tea has always been served in the beauty world.

The beauty and makeup world has always been rife with some sort of contoversy, gossip or scandal; whether it is animal testing, taking advantage of customers in the name of business, dodgy advertisments or just sheer rivalry between brands, makeup without some form of drama is just not possible. Brands are always going to be throwing shade at others, its part of the oversaturated market; they are fighting for business. A perfect example of this can be found in a previous blog I wrote; Throwing shade on shady business about Jeffree Star and Too Faced. 

What are ‘Drama Channels’?

Until about a month ago I would have answered that question ‘something you see on ITV with some famous actor crying a lot while sombre music plays’ but there is a growing trend on YouTube of channels that specialise on the ‘drama’ within the makeup world and exposing makeup brands and beauty gurus for misleading and lying to makeup addicts all over the world. Channels such as John Kuckian, Rich Lux, Here for the Tea and Katrina Kaboom being some of the most formidible examples of this new trend of ‘investigative jornalism’.

I used to watch YouTube quite often; I would watch popular beauty guru’s like Jacyln Hill, Kathleen Lights, Tati and even Zoella (I’m not really sure you can count her as a beauty guru) mainly for the makeup tutorials and to see what makeup they were using. I even bought some of the products they were raving about, one beuaty blogger reccomending the Milani Amore Lip Creams like it was the best thing since sliced bred.


I was disappointed by the products I had bought, they were nowhere near as good as they were made out to be and I soon started to realise the impact that marketing and sales were having on what they Beauty Guru’s were saying. In a later video about the Amore lip creams, the same guru put them in a disssapointing products video. I realised that not everyone’s opinion on YouTube should be listened to as the brands were using them to promote to the genral public. The same products where being pushed by a large group of beauty guru’s and it made me feel somewhat stupid as a 36 year old woman who should know better.

Drama channels have been born because of this; people have started to ‘expose’ the beauty guru’s and makeup brands whenever they do something that is less than squeeky clean. They are screenshotting tweets, facebook posts and downloading snaps quicker than I can run to an ‘eyeshadow appreciation convention’. They are reporting back to us via the medium of YouTube to expose how disingenuous, decietful and greedy these big names really are, showing reems and reems of ‘receipts’ as evidence.

So many questions whirling in my mind

Are they doing us a favour by exposing that Morphe are paying Guru’s to promote their ‘private label’ brand that costs only a fraction of the price to make? Or that brands are ‘buttering up’ the likes of Laura Lee, Manny MUA and NikkieTutorials by taking them on lavish holidays in tropical destinations and throwing free products at them like it was confetti. Are they helping us to realise that characters such as Jefree Star and Kat Von D are not people we should be seeing as ‘appropriate’ role models because of the way the act or past acts they have done? Should we be spending our hard earned money on brands that are being spearheaded by such ‘toxic’ people?

Or are these drama channels that I speak of parasitic? Are they leaching off the popularity of the name of the beauty guru’s that they expose? Is the evidence they present actually real and authenticated? Is this just a load of gossip and rumour that has no substance? Drama channels relay on the beauty guru’s and the work that they have done to build themselves as a brand. Are they destroying the career that the said guru has worked hard to promote and make a living from? The phrase ‘riding on someone else’s coat-tails’ could spring to mind when thinking of these channels.

Some of these drama channels say things like ‘I am exposing them because I hate you being ripped off’, ‘you should know how fake or two faced they are’. Can we not make up our own mind? I realised after quite a short time that some guru’s ‘opinions’ are less than genuine so do they think people cannot make those decisions for themselves? Are they treating beauty addicts like ‘airheads’ by feeling the need to preach to us about ‘dishonesty; are they dishonest themselves? 

20 Comments Add yours

  1. Tori says:

    An interesting read – I’ve seen lots of these kind of channels popping up and have watched a couple of videos – but it didn’t sit easy with me.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Yeah in not sure on them either. I always think two wrongs don’t make a right. Drama seems to be spreading everywhere


  2. Louise says:

    Wow, interesting read! It’s like a whole different world I didn’t know about.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It definitely is I was watching some last night thinking ‘could they get anymore crazier’


  3. Humaira says:

    I’ve watched one or two videos, but much like real life drama, I think it’s better on the telly than on YouTube. You have to wonder, have these people not got anything better to do than tearing other people down? Interesting read!


  4. Competition is fierce and in the makeup world, it’s no different. We all should be allowed to make our own decisions, after all it is our money we are spending lol. Very interesting read nonetheless 😌


  5. engrreginald says:

    Nice write-up


  6. interesting! I had no idea about these channels, I must admit I’m a lot more dubious about it than I ever was before, I’m less likely to believe a recommendation these days.
    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |


  7. Nikia says:

    Where ever money is involved there will be drama. I never understand makeup drama. There’s only about 4 major companies that makes everyone makeup. They put different labels on the packaging


  8. kerrymaymakes says:

    Excellent post and yes I think we should be able to make up our minds, but a bit of guidance is always a good thing, it’s when it leads to drama that it is not.


  9. elenasts says:

    I didn`t know about these channels, that is probably because I do not spend so much time on YouTube. I completely agree with what you are saying.


  10. This is so true! I think the vloggers also feed into though with their snapchat rants about other beauty vloggers and stuff like that. the “spill the tea” accounts just feed off of that stuff and then make up even more stuff off of it. What should be a collaborative community is now like a reality tv show where people make assumptions and base their opinions on one snapchat. I feel that if you aren’t there in person and in the situation, you can’t make a comprehensive decision on the matter. There are probably so many facts you don’t know about that are not shown through social media. PS: The “you” here is the metaphorical you, not like actually YOU lol

    Liked by 1 person

  11. sandra says:

    I’m not one to wear a ton of makeup. I didn’t realize there was so much drama. Then again, their seems to be drama in many different niches on youtube.


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