Monthly Movie Makeup Monday; Wonder Woman

It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s movie inspired makeup time. Each month I will do a makeup look inspired by a movie and talk about the look or the character. Last month I did the Wicked Witch of the West and I seem to be keeping with the W theme. This month of June is all about Wonder Woman, with the new movie out I wanted to pay homage to a heroine that really does wave the flag for ‘Girl Power’.

I chose to not base the look on the film, as her makeup is very understated from the images I have seen but to do my Pop Art inspired version of Wonder Woman made famous in the TV series.

I have always been a comic book geek; I will never apologies for my love of all things Sci-Fi. Growing up as a child of the early 80’s, with so much fantasstic science fiction surrounding me, it was hard not to develop a passion for Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who and of course Wonder Woman.

In the days of just four TV channels (yes, just four) and the lack of programs availiable my family would regularly watch Saturday afternon TV which mostly consisted of repeats of popular US shows of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Classic shows such as Knightrider, The A Team, Cagney and Lacey were staple programing in our house; sat on the floor with my hair in a side pony, my jumper over my knees and so near to the gas fire you would have thought I wanted to be in a sauna. Amongst the elabourate technology and big action sequences stood a Goddess before me…. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman; a vision of strength and beauty in a male dominated world. This was the type of woman I wanted to be when I grew up.

I spent a lot of my childhood spining round in a circle with my arms stretched out wide, using my wrist cuffs to deflect imaginary bullets and throwing a pretend (or not pretend when I had some of my mums knitting wool) golden lasso around big burly bad guys. I had an active imagination and an even bigger thirst for fighting bad guys as I pranced around the garden or my bedroom (which was often as it rains a lot here).

Wonder Woman quickly became a favourite superhero of mine; besides Firestar from ‘Spiderman and His Amazing Friends’ and Jubillee from ‘X-men’, she stood out as the apitamy of a heroine, with qualities I wanted to possess. She was strong, fearless, determined, tenacious and absolutely beautiful; whereas I was a strange geeky girl who was slightly chubby, clumsy and had too many freckles.

Flash forward 30 years or so and with the re-booting of the Wonder Woman character, it got me to thinking; am I really like Wonder Woman? It has took 30 years of life experience and reflection to realise, yes, I am a Wonder Woman.

I may not have a gold lasso or wrist cuffs but I have shown strength thoughout my years, strength to beat the odds and keep going even when people said I could not achieve anything, strength to break away from situations and people that tried to belittle me, deminish me and try to break my spirit.

I am determined; to be a good person, to always do the best that I can and to embrace myself, learning to love myself and be less critical.

I am also tenacious; to get through some of the things I have, my demons and other peoples attitudes/treatment of me has built an emotional resilliance and strength of character that I hope my children will inherit.

Last but not least, I AM beautiful, I am beautiful from the inside; sure I make mistakes but generally I am a good person and I would rather people judge me on my character than whether I can slay a makeup look and look 15 years younger. You are as beautiful as you feel and I feel great, my beauty is seen by the people who love me and most importantly, myself.

So to all the Wonder Women out there; I salute you. Go forth into the world and be proud to be yourself, spread kindness, love and most importantly; wear your unvisible crown with pride. Ciao for now sweeties xx

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  1. *sings*


    Great job on the make-up! I’m going to check out your other stuff. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thanks so much, it’s hard not to talk about her and not get that theme theme stuck in your head


  2. lschertz says:

    Wow! That makeup is fantastic! You are very talented. I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I hear it’s really good!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much. I haven’t seen it yet but I definitely will watch it xx


  3. Alexandria says:

    I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman when I get back to the states!!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It is great when a movie is out you really want to see, I was like that with Guardians of the galaxy 2.


  4. How fun! This is definitely a great pop art look. I don’t follow Wonder Woman, but if this is her attitude, she sounds pretty awesome.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I love all things pop art.


  5. Kate says:

    Wow, that looks great! When you do your makeup like this, do you go out and run errands and see how people react? I think that would be fun!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I wish I was brave enough. I have been out in blue lipstick and got a few strange looks


  6. coffee with Addison says:

    This is awesome. Wonder woman is so empowering. I was so excited that they excuted the movie so wonderfully. This looks great. I would love a youtube tutorial come Halloween…


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