You have a Voice… Use it. 

Too much information going around.

In this age of technology it can be hard not to get lost in the crowd. There are so many opinions flying around us now that it can be easy for one solitary voice to be ignored or missed.  In the age where information can fly across the world in a matter of seconds and the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming at times, it is hard not to want to bury your head in the sand for a bit and get a bit of peace just to escape the madness of it all.

The past few weeks have been a strong example of this concept of ‘information overload’. With the tragic events in Manchester reaching facebook within a matter of minutes, reminding us of the horrors of the world and the upcoming General Election campaigns meaning political propaganda and opinion is rife and impossible to escape from, the tempation is to go into shut-down mode and say ‘what can one voice do?’

If everyone had this opinion then the whole world would be at its knees. Apathy and procrastination can lead to the wrong people making important decisions; decisions about our future and our childrens future.  We all have the right to have our voices heard, to decide who makes decisions on our behalf for the next five years.

 I used to be one of the apathetic; not caring about voting and not casting any form of politcal vote until my 30’s. I am actually quite disturbed by that fact now; maybe it was because I did not have children and was of the opinion that ‘my vote didn’t count’. However I had been voting on who won the current ‘X Factor’ or ‘Big Brother’ and never giving it much thought; I was happy to decide which pop act I wanted in the charts but I was not concerned about voting for the Governement who have a massive impact on my daily life. 

It is your voice, not anyone elses

It can be easy to get swept away with the whole media circus that surrounding who to vote for, likewise family and friends will each have their own opinions over which was to vote. Take everything you see in the media with a huge pinch of salt and just focus on making up your OWN mind; do not let other people enforce their opinions on you or mock and make jokes out of your political decisions.  Voting is a personal thing and everyone has the right to vote for who they want to vote or; even if it is the ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’. You are your own person and can make your own decisions 

But it is all so confusing.

I still get immensely confused with all the policies and propaganda that can surround politics, especially with these opinions trending on Twitter and Facebook in epic proportions. Do you vote based on your local candidates? Do you vote for the party you want in government? Do you vote tactically? Do you ‘go for a vote of no confidence’? (Insert Princess Anidala voice here). My opinion is vote with who you think will best serve you and your priorites; my priorities at the moment as a mum being mainly Education and the NHS. 

That one voice can count

It reminds me of the childrens story ‘Horton Hears a Who’ by Dr Seuss, the moral being ‘a person’s a person no matter how small’. In the story, one little boy who was not joining in with the Who’s shouting to save themselves eventually made al the difference and made the other animals realise that there were people on a small speck of dust. It sounds very twee but Dr Seuss is right; if enough people raise their voices and be heard then people will take note and listen. 

You vote everyday

You vote for what you like every single day; whether it is on social media or with your hard earned cash. You are making important decisions all the time. Being a mum the decisions usually are ‘how do I avoid this tantrum?’, ‘what can I cook that is going to actually be eaten?’ and so on. For the Makeup addict it might be ‘should I believe the hype on this product and part with my cash’, ‘do I need anymore mauve lipsticks?’ (the answer for me is no or now, I have far too many)

What if it was different?

Imagine you did not have the right to vote; how would you feel then? Would you feel powerless to change things and angry to have your life being governed by someone you did not choose. Would you really care? Is this stuff really that important? Is it worth the five minute walk or the 3 minute car journey? Is it still important if the weather is horrendous or the children are having a tantrum?

It has not always been like this

We did not always have the right to vote; people fought for it. People believed so strongly that they gave up their life for the fight for everyone to vote. In the face of adversity and hatred, they still stood strong and let their voice be heard, even if they were the only person saying it. So go out into the world and let your voice be heard, cast your vote in the election and avoid the clutches of apathy. You have a voice; make it be heard. Ciao for now xx

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tory says:

    I love this! Living in a country with mandatory voting, I’ve never really thought that much about how much my voice matters. This is definitely food for thought.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I had never thought of mandatory voting, maybe that’s a solution to the low voting rate over here.


  2. jivilotus says:

    Preach! I get so upset when people tell me they don’t care about political votes, and have decided not to cast theirs – especially if it’s women! As you said, people fought for our rights to vote. People are still dying nowadays in the fight for democracy. We should really honour them, and use our opportunity responsibly.


  3. Great post. It’s hard these days to know when to really speak up and voice your opinion! It’s hard because people are so easily offended these days!


  4. LeeAnn says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! I have a big issue with expressing my self or opinions. A lot of worry that my voice won’t be heard or maybe wasn’t even meant to be. I think a lot of factors are involved when we start thinking this way. Thank you for the inspiration to be a little more open and let my voice be heard without fear


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much for reading it and for this comment, I am really glad it has helped someone. Don’t forget how awesome you are, you have the right to be heard.


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