Ten Things I Love About Beauty

Why I love the beauty and makeup world

I have decided that this post is going to focus on the positives of the beauty world. As a makeup enthusiast I have seen the power that beauty has to unite us all. To me it is not just about applying makeup, it’s about loving makeup and celebrating yourself and the beautiful world of opportunity around you. So, with that being said, here are the 10 things I love about beauty and makeup.

Makes you feel the best version of yourself Whatever style of makeup you choose to wear it has the power to transform. I hear a lot of people in the community talking about how they do a ‘catfish’ when they put on makeup; changing themselves from an average Joe to a stunning goddess just using a bit of makeup.  If it makes them happy and it is not hurting anyone else then good for them. If you feel the best version of yourself with a sharp wing, red lippy and a full set of lashes, then you are ready to conquer the world. If makeup makes you feel more positive about the day ahead and makes you feel ready to take on the world then do not be afraid to embrace it with open arms. Every makeup addict will identify with the feeling they get when their makeup goes on exactly the way they had planned; you feel ready to take on anything that is thrown in your path and look like a vision of beauty in the process.

It is a tool to expressing your own individuality and style

Makeup is such a personal thing, it is down to individual choice. Sure, trends come and go and sometimes we can feel we are being presented with ‘clones’, everyone looking the same with their ‘Instagram ready’ look, but if you dig a little deeper it is not the case. There are hundreds of thousands of people doing their makeup in different ways; expressing their own sense of identity through their makeup. Whether it is a neutral smoky eye or a big, dramatic assault of different colours, everyone does things differently and wants different things from their makeup.  It is all personal preference. I love dramatic eyeshadow looks, the more colourful the better, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So what! It is part of my identity and I am proud of it, I am proud to be know as ‘Shadowqueen’ among my friends. It reflects my 1960’s and 1980’s influences and who am I to ignore them. I choose not to ‘fit in’ but to ‘stand out’, my makeup DNA is completely unique and we should all worship the fact we are all so wonderfully diverse.

It is always changing

Trends and new innovations means that makeup and beauty are always changing, no two years are really the same in beauty. It used to be the case where not many people owned a makeup brush; now people have tons of different brushes that have been developed for different purposes. The same goes for products. Highlighters used to be something you used at school and contouring was associated with sports cars and beauty tutorials had to be purchased on VHS (I had one, I’m showing my age here). Cosmetic brands are continually evolving through the use of science and technology, expanding their reach beyond the shelves of the drugstore. I love how things have changed and how trends that were popular are coming ‘back into fashion’ with new twists. This is one of the reasons that keeps me interested in makeup.

It has no boundaries/limits

You can achieve anything you want, it is all down to application.  If you want a ‘no makeup, makeup look’ then you can do. Likewise if you like your makeup on the full on editorial side or with a splash of drama then there are no limits. The only limit is your imagination; I have had the privilege of seeing people who have had very little makeup experience and training practicing their craft and soaring to high heights. I have seen competition makeup that has literally blew my mind with how creative it is, I have seen friends push themselves creatively and pushed the limits of their own expectations. It really is an art form with infinite possibilities.

It does not discriminate

Be you a beginner or a twenty year veteran, rich or poor, old or young, whatever gender, race or persuasion you may choose to lead your life; makeup is there for you. Whatever size your clothes are, makeup is still there. Whether you are unhappy, grumpy, sleepy or bashful; makeup is still there for you. Anyone can use makeup for whatever reason they so wish; be it to hide the affects of a ‘great night out’ or to bring some colour into a dismal day. Makeup products do not care what size you are or whether you are a boy or a girl; it is there for you.

It has its own community

The beauty community on the whole is truly amazing. Like everything in life, nothing is perfect and there are some people who can be hurtful to others, but that is a minority. The majority of people I have talked to with an interest in exchanging makeup hints, tips and must haves are a special breed. Loyal and fierce, friendly and beautiful, inspirational and creative. I have had so much support from the makeup community and have made some true friends. It is a community that I am proud and honoured to be in.

It can reflect your mood and instil confidence

I cannot deny that through my addiction to makeup, my confidence has sky rocketed. This is thanks mainly to the amazing community I speak of above. I have witnessed the power that boosting others has and I am a better, more happier and confident person for it. If I am ever down in the dumps, I know I can put a bit of colour into my makeup to cheer myself up. It’s almost like a mask I can wear to say ‘I’m fabulous and not to be taken for granted’. Colour is such a powerful way of expressing mood and personality; I know have the confidence to be as bright and bold as my eyeshadow looks.

It can be relaxing, like meditation

I use my makeup routine in the morning like a ritual. It is my quiet time that I can spend just taking things slowly and not thinking about the busy day ahead. I feel like the concentration of applying the makeup helps me clear my mind and in term relax more. I also love the routine of it all, it gives me comfort to start my day in the same way, even if I know what is ahead is scary. For me, it is like Yoga, only without the stretching.

Can help realise artistic capabilities

This is especially true when I have seen themed makeup competitions. The true power of creative make up is immense. I have heard people say ‘I’m not very good but I will give it a go’ and they have pushed themselves both artistically and personally. I hear ‘I would never be able to do a cut crease’ then two weeks later ‘look, I have done it’, the presence of the original cut crease picture has inspired people to learn and be creative. One of my dear friends said yesterday ‘a year ago I hardly had any makeup, now I have loads and I am training to be a makeup artist.’ I already had an artistic personality; but I wasn’t really good with a paint brush, turns out I am brilliant with a blending brush.

It can be used to help/boost others

It does not have to be a big ‘OMG you look stunning!’, it can be as simple as ‘I really like your lipstick today’. That compliment will stay with that person throughout their day and be carried around with everything they do.  It will help them negotiate the dreaded struggle to park and the weekly shop as they will be more likely to have a smile on their face. Positivity breeds positivity and the more you take the time to compliment others on their makeup, no matter how small you think the gesture is, the more happiness you will spread. I believe that complimenting other people on their makeup actually helps me, it makes me feel like I am making a positive impact onto someone’s day.

What do you love about beauty? Let me know in the comments, Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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