50 Shades of Lipstick

Why lipstick makes you feel like a Queen.
It has been around for 5,000 years; used by the Ancient Sumerian’s, Egyptians and Mayans for face decoration and to show status, lipstick really is the Queen of all makeup products. Many a queen has used lipstick to make their mark, stand strong and enhance their beauty; Queen Elizabeth I and Cleopatra being some classic examples. However, lipstick is not just for the most richest of us all; Aboriginal girls would wear Ocher as part of puberty rituals and at one point in 19th century Britain, lipstick was frowned upon as worn by only actors and prostitutes. Thank goodness that opinions changed in the 1920’s when lipstick became more acceptable. Can you imagine Marilyn Monroe without her trademark red lip?
Crushed beetles?
Obviously the ingredients in lipstick has change since its early beginnings of using crushed gemstones, bugs, iodine mixtures and substances from fish scales. Now, must cosmetic brands prefer to use candelilla wax, olive oil, lanolin, petrolatum and dyed using various pigments. There is also an abundance of different types of lipsticks that we can get our little makeup addicted paws on; from liquid to crayon, matte to glossy, sheer to frosted, we have never had so much choice when it comes to feeling like a screen goddess, a rock star or your favourite Kardashian.
Why I love a bit of lippy.
I never used to be that bothered about lipstick; maybe because it never used to last very long on me. I was obsessed with the 60’s look of dark eyes and really pale lipstick that looked like concealer (in fact I did actually use concealer). In the 90’s, the only real options in terms of makeup were bright red and an assortment of brown colours, I did not feel that lipstick called to me like eyeshadow did. However, when I rediscovered my love for makeup, I found that everything had changed, there was an endless range of possibilities; matte, gloss, sheer, frosted, pearl, liquid, satin. I also found that the formulas had improved and they lasted a lot longer, which meant I could go at least a few hours before topping them up. Also the range of shades available now is absolutely huge; pale nudes, dark nudes, reds, rusts and berries, plums, purples, greens and blues, the list goes on and on.
My top ten lipsticks.
This was such a tough decision; I have many lipsticks that are worthy of being in my top ten, luscious, long lasting shades that I absolutely adore but I have narrowed it down to my top ten. Obviously you will get to see a lot of others anyway, with this being 50 shades of lipstick. I have not really ranked the lipsticks in any order but I will tell you which one is my ultimate favourite; Scorpio by Jeffree Star. It is such a gorgeous purple nude that goes with near enough anything, it lasts a long time and whenever I wear it, I feel like an absolute goddess.
Why do 50 shades?
It was actually a suggestion for somebody on one of the many makeup groups I am in; I was asking whether doing 50 shades of my makeup would be worthwhile and this came up as another suggestion. This post has been at least two months in the making, as taking pictures of myself in 50 different lipsticks is no mean feat. I first tried doing several lip swatches a day (hence the same eye look for a lot of the reds) but that turned out to be a bit of a nightmare and I did not really like the look it created. I then decided to do a ‘lippy a day’ but that only works with the more conservative lipsticks that are ‘work appropriate’. I have to say that this post has been the most time consuming one to put together. Hopefully this might inspire some of you to try some new things and maybe be a bit more adventurous. If you like something, and it makes you feel good, then why the heck not? If I have learnt one thing from being a lover of lipstick it is to embrace the bold and be daring, after all, you only live once. Ciao for now makeup fans xx.




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