May Favourites 2017

What is floating my boat?

Like most other makeup addicts; my love for products comes and goes in waves depending on the season, mood or what challenges my skin decides to throw me (hello dryness, redness and spots; please do not make friends with my face again).  Apart from some classic perfumes that I always go back to time and time again I tend to change and swap products as quick as a flash. My reasoning being that there are so many to try that I like adding lots of variety to my makeup bag. I am however starting to make changes; now I am finding products I will keep coming back to as now I don’t want to risk my money on products that might not work as well.  It’s the on-going debate ‘Is new always better?’

This post is a kind of a ‘currently loving’ type of thing; some of these products are ones that I am loving using at the moment, either because they have just been released or are spring appropriate and some of these are staples that I have bought and then subsequently replaced because I loved them so much. So without further adieu; let’s get started.


MUA Tropical Oceana eyeshadow palette

This really has been a bargain find of an eye shadow palette; a mix of 13 mattes and 12 pearl shades that are perfect for spring and summer. They are mega pigmented and super blend-able and honestly compare to some of my higher end eye shadows. If you are venturing into the world of colourful eye shadows then this is a great palette to dabble with; at £8 it really is a great inexpensive but quality palette which I will be using throughout the year.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Eyeliner

I was originally going to talk about my favourite liquid eyeliner, the Nyx collection noir eyeliner which I reviewed in my eyeliner review. However, my heart has been stolen by another eyeliner that I actually said I was disappointed with in the same review. I had said previous how the Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip eyeliner was hard to work with on account of the nib being so big.

Well, it must be said that I was a ‘bad workman’ and was blaming my tools; I gave it another go as I felt wasteful throwing it out and boy was I wrong, big time. I have finally worked out a way to use it that does not make me look like a Amy Winehouse tribute. Now that I can get a finer line with it I can finally enjoy smudge proof liner that lasts so long. Also at £3 it kind of puts my Nyx liner in the shade, although I still love it but at least I know I can get a cheaper alternative and still rock a fierce wing.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche Cream

Is cutting open a product to make sure I get every bit of it out a sign of love or being a bit of a cheapskate? Well whatever it is I am still really enjoying this moisturiser. I had bought it a while ago when my skin was really dry in the winter and loved it but for whatever reason, I stashed it away for another time. I actually nearly threw it out, thinking it was empty, but I realised there was a lot more left and have been contemplating splurging and buying it again as it is such a thick, creamy moisturiser. Suffering with dry skin and redness on my cheeks I have to constantly use hydrating creams so I do not look like the Sahara.


So this isn’t really a specific product so to speak but I  have been currently loving using bronzer as opposed to my usual contour. Maybe it is due to the fact that summer is vastly approaching or that I have been using more warmer colours but I have been going for a more wash of bronze rather than a contour stripe. I have not been going fully down the bronzed goddess train but I’ve been coupling it with my brush to brighten my skin up a bit. I have been using Benefit’s Hula bronzer which I got a sample size of it in a set and as bronzers go, his isn’t too warm that I look like I have been tangoed.

Anastacia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

If anyone has read my post about hype in makeup, then you will be aware that I am trying my best to avoid hyped products until they have ‘stood the time test’ and proven to be a worthwhile product to buy. I was seeing lots of hype about the Anastacia Beverly Hills Nicole Gur Glow kit and I was desperately trying not to be sucked in, but all I could see was my friends on the makeup groups raving about it (I don’t watch a lot of Youtube reviews as sometimes you have to take what influencers say with a big pinch of salt.) One of my friends (a fellow makeup enabler) was going crazy over it and showed me the swatches; the power of the glow was immense and once it had me in its grasp I couldn’t let go so I took the plunge and thankfully I have not been disappointed. I love how this highlight can do both  a natural highlight and a ‘you can see me from space’ super glow.

Essence Lip liner in ‘Girl next door’ and ‘Plumcake’

I don’t think anything will be able to replace Essence lip liners; they really are the bomb. I am referring to the mechanical type lip liners, not the pencil ones; the pencil ones are good but do not compare to the smoothness of the mechanical ones. They are ultra smooth and long lasting and at £1.50 they are a freaking steal, so much so I have every single colour and multiple back ups. My two everyday, go to shades are ‘Girl Next Door’ and ‘Plumcake’, one is a very pale nude which is a perfect match for any nude shade and the other is a muted mauve which as you all know is somewhat of a signature lip colour for me; the mauve/lilac/dusky rose shades.

I have used both these lip liners with near enough everything and never been disappointed; they are also gorgeous on their own as well. In actual fact ‘Plumcake’ is a dupe for Jeffree Star’s ‘Sagittarius’ so if you never got the chance to get the limited addition shade then look no further than your nearest Wilko. These lip liners are truly a forever staple in my makeup bag and I will be stockpiling more in the future.

So that was what is currently floating my boat at the moment; if you have any products that you absolutely love then please tell me about them in the comments, I love trying new stuff out. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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