Throwing Shade on Shady Business?

Is the makeup and beauty industry a bit shady? My answer to this is like everything in life ‘where money is concerned there is always the chance that someone is going to be shady’. At the moment there seems to be a lot of icons in the makeup world that are throwing their opinion all across the internet in one shady way or another; tea is being served left right and centre and it is hard to know, with so many brands out there and so many different opinions, who to trust.

One makeup icon that seems to be serving up a lot of ‘tea’ at the moment is the formidable Jeffree Star. Notorious for his very controversial actions in the past and very public falling out with former best pal Kat Von D over the infamous ‘logo design’ incident. Jeffree has never been one to shy away from serving the tea piping hot and throwing shade at fellow beauty guru’s.

He is a public figure that well and truly divides opinion wherever he shows his well highlighted cheekbones; some people adore him, others despise him. Recently, he has found himself compelled to ‘speak out’ over the shady dealings that have been going on at rival brand Too Faced, spearheaded by Jerrod Blandino, concerning a tweet that the Too Faced co-founder posted about unicorns. Yes, you heard me right… unicorns.

The co founder of Too Faced tweeted, appearing to have a sly dig at Tarte for using the unicorn theme in their makeup line; the hashtag #ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon referring to their Amazonian Rainforest collection of makeup (it didn’t take Einstein to work that puzzle out). Jerrod also appeared to insinuate that Too Faced were the first makeup brand to capitalise on the whole unicorn themed makeup.

Hold it right there; you mean no other makeup brand had thought that maybe makeup buyers like unicorns and they could be used to sell more makeup? Hello, earth calling Too Faced, you forgot about Lime Crime; another seemingly controversial brand who had been selling the idea of unicorns on makeup well before Too Faced. This was pointed out by many makeup addicts after the tweet hit.

*inserts sarcasm chip

Jeffree, in true gallant, knightly fashion, jumped to the defence of Tarte; blasting Jerrod for his wicked tweet and exposing him as being a shady villain and taking advantage of a fellow YouTube influencer NikkieTutorials.

Jeffree revealed that poor, unfortunate Nikki had been ‘taken advantage of’ by Jerrod and Too Faced over her ‘Power of Makeup’ palette collaboration; being paid just a fraction of what Too Faced actually made on the palette, reducing the quality of the palette AFTER Nikki had approved the shades, meaning a lot of her followers gave her the backlash when they received a sub-standard product and then keeping her in her contract for 9 months rather than 6 months meaning that she had to pass on some lucrative deals in the process.

What Jeffree’s motives for this outburst remain unclear; Nikki and Jeffree seem to no long be friends and as a founder of a rival brand, shouldn’t he have enough work on his plate running his successful business? Is calling out Too Faced really sticking up for ‘what is right’ or is there some other shady business going on? Surely doesn’t discrediting a rival brand possibly give him more infamy and publicity? I for one are baffled as to why, in the makeup world, people throw their opinions in quicker than you can say ‘Drama Llama’.

To top this whole incident off, the sister of Jerrod Blandino jumps valiantly to her brothers defence and proceeds to call Jeffree makeup ‘Clown Makeup’ and insult Revlon in the process (who have been around a darn sight longer than both brands). I must be a clown then, because despite my dislike of Jeffree himself as an individual, I do actually like his liquid lipsticks; Scorpio being my all time favourite lipstick. I have never actually tried Too Faced as their products don’t actually grab me but it is still no reason to disparage a brand like Jerrod’s sister did.

This all sounds like an incident you would find on the school playground; he said this, she said that, your being mean, no you’re being mean, I’m going to tell on you, that’s not fair. These are grown adults who are not really showing themselves in the best light to some of their younger fan bases.

I always say there is no such thing as an original idea; everything has been done and redone (or rebooted as the movies call it). If what Jeffree says is true about NikkieTutorials then I hope ‘Too Faced’ someday realise that by using someone like they did, they have only set themselves up to be boycotted when the truth does out; ever action has consequences and although influencers like Nikki do earn a lot it is best for companies to treat them with respect as without them the brand would be worse off.

The Power of Makeup palette made Too Faced $9 million dollars; apparently Nikki got paid $50,000. My maths is a little rusty but I can spot the shady business without getting out my calculator. But I feel like, when it comes to money, every business ends up being shady; am I too sceptical a realist? Let me know what you think about this whole incident in the comments, ciao for now makeup fans xx

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