Are You Up For The Challenge?

Are you up for the challenge-

Are you up for the challenge? 

The great thing about makeup groups on Facebook is its a sense of community; you are united  in a shared, common interest. Different people from different walks of life banding together over the love of all things makeup and beauty.

From when I very first joined make-up groups there had always been challenges posted up. Usually they were to do with the latest YouTube trends like the no mirror makeup challenge or no make-up brush challenge that hit YouTube last year.

When a new challenge like this arises; people grab their makeup bags, lay down the gauntlet and have a go. I never used to understand it, I was always wary to participate, but as my confidence grew, so did my desire to challenge myself and my skills further.

I started with the weekly themed challenges on one makeup group, and as my confidence grew I started entering theme specific competitions and then I ventured into team competitions. It is the team competitions that I really enjoy as I love working with different people and getting to know them. I have made some amazing, kick ass friends through the team competitions and my team mates have been invaluable as both a source of friendship and inspiration.

I find that its the creativity process that I love about competitions; the brainstorming and researching of ideas, then the practice stages and trying things out, to that final moment when you are ready to capture your handiwork and show it off to everyone.

I feel a great sense of pride when a makeup challenge goes how I wanted it to; like I have ran a race, climbed a mountain or won an award. I do not do it to actually win; I will admit I used to get upset and feel like I had wasted time in the past, but I had really gained something better than a prize, I had gained more love and appreciation for myself and the talents I have.


I have picked four of the makeup challenges I am most proud of; I think they represent a little something of myself in each one of them. The first one is one of the most recent challenges I did in a team competition, the theme was glitter, bling and glow. I had an idea to attach the diamante stripes somewhere and it struck me that stars shine brightly so I used the star idea for the inspiration for the design. I used all pressed glitters for the look and although it is hard to see in the picture I gave the tin man a run for his money of the shine stakes. I dared to be a bit different and did the S in shine backwards. (or did I get completely mixed up and only realise after I had spent over 2 hours on it?)


The second one was for my first team competition; the team I was in is now like a second family, we are all very dysfunctional but that’s what makes us get along so well. My theme was celebrity icon and I chose one of my all time favourites; David Bowie. This look took me about 5 hours of practice to get right. I hope I did my team proud because I loved doing this look and it will forever be a favourite.

17021712_775816359235018_2281555298839119573_n (1)

The third one was a spring themed competition and the prize was to be the face of the group for the month. I was absolutely blown away when I won this; it felt like winning an Oscar. I was a bit shocked though that the liquid eyeliner I used refused to come off totally, I was going in the next day to work with tiny little green lines randomly placed around my face.

15037148_10157859458690232_4183853381033708175_n (1)

The final one was a random challenge set by a friend in one of the makeup groups; I had put a post up asking for a challenge and my friend suggested a ‘goth’ look; I opted for a cyber goth and what I created really inspired me to do a lot more, it was almost the thing that ignited my passion for makeup challenges.

Well, that is all for now on the competition makeup front; I will do more competition blog posts in the future. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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