Monthly Movie Makeup Monday; Wicked Witch of the West

Happy bank holiday. Hope you are all having a great long weekend. I love doing themed and challenge makeup, it pushes me in a different direction and keeps me inspired to learn new skills. I don’t get as much chance to do challenges as I would like, due to work and kids, but I still dip my toe in the water from time to time.

I was doing a makeup challenge for one of my beloved makeup groups; it was a buddy challenge where people are paired up and you do a double act look like day and night, modern and retro etc. Me and my partner chose the hero and villain movie theme and chose to do The Wizard of Oz. As you can imagine from my style of challenge makeup, I jumped at the chance to do the Wicked Witch of the West; my favourite colour being green and one of my favourite musicals being Wicked.

So I got to work on this look and thought to myself “This could be a monthly theme post for my blog?” and as quick as Archimedes can jump out of a bath and say “eureka!” I had decided to do the ‘Monthly movie makeup’ series.

So I grabbed the face paint and then quickly realised I didn’t have the right colour. So I improvised; I had to do the lighter colour as a base and then cover that with green eyeshadow to get the bright green colour. It actually worked quite well as I used different shades of green to highlight and contour.

For the eyes I decided to go with what I know best, glitter; if I could I would choose to wear glitter every day, I really am a magpie. The problem with glitter is removing it after, it gets everywhere. I had this dark green glitter that I was dying to try so I put some dark green and black in the crease and attempted to glitter my lid. The only problem with pressed glitter is it can be a right pain to work with and it didn’t turn out exactly right, but I just worked with what I had.

Overall I am really happy with it, I’m pleased with how my skills are progressing and it stretched me with the contouring and shading. I am also very happy with the actual pictures as I took these in my bathroom with my phone ring light, it really helped to create the menacing presence of the Wicked Witch.

I am going to do this as a regular monthly thing so if you have any specific movie makeup looks you would like me to create then let me know in the comments. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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