Makeup Hype; Is It Worth It?

Ever since I was a child there exists a certain amount of prejudice when it comes to consumer items; kids pestering parents for the latest ‘must have’ toy (demanding Barbie rather than the cheap girls dolls you find in discount stores), everyone ‘had’ to have Nike, Timberlands or Helly Hansen’s, if you listened to anything that wasn’t in the current charts you were considered ‘uncool’ or ‘strange’. I still see this type of culture in the students I teach and in the world in general; usually if it comes with an overinflated price tag and an aggressive marketing campaign then people will stop and take note.

I was never the child that gave into designer brands, even though I probably could have got Regatta jacket I did not see the point, I did not see the point of paying just for a name, I still don’t. I have had so occasional wobbles over the past thirty or so years (I have just swapped my IPhone after two years of coming to realise that Apple are not really that good, I had rejected my own principles to have an iPhone because ‘everyone had one’. I have bought the odd occasional designer item over the years if they have been heavily discounted (I remember being 18 and buying some Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger stuff because I was on holiday in Canada and it was so much cheaper). I bought couple of designer handbags when I went on my honeymoon in New York but apart from that I have always been a ‘cheap and cheerful’ type of girl.

This changed when I re-discovered makeup.

I have roughly eight Mac lipsticks; I am not saying that to boast but when I first started experimenting with makeup I joined some makeup groups and all I could see were post upon post about how fantastic Mac lipsticks are. Now don’t get me wrong, they are good and am keeping hold of them (Heroine and Mac Red being special favourites of mine) but I am not sure they were worth the hype they were given. At the time, everyone was going on about them, the world and his wife were talking about how they stay on all day and the gorgeous colours they have. Now, nearly two years on, I very rarely hear mention of Mac lipsticks, or the Mac brand in general; they have been replaced by brands like Jeffree Starr and Beauty Bakerie, of which, yes I again have given into the hype and purchased but they have actually delivered and I would purchase more. The question is, would I purchase more Mac lipsticks, probably not, I can find most of the Mac lipstick colours in cheaper brands like Nyx so why should I shell out just for the name and the nice black packaging.

Being on different makeup groups has taught me one thing; take everything with a pinch of salt, wait till the hype boils down before parting with your cold, hard earned cash because products come and go. I have seen people desperate to get the new release of the next ‘must have’ beauty product and crashing websites to get their hands on them. It doesn’t just happen in makeup, it happens all around us; people desperate to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones or whatever show is being talked about over a cup of tea as we don’t have many water coolers). I have also seen the same people after a couple of weeks/months, sell their makeup or saying they regretted buying it (again, something I did myself with the Anastacia Beverly Hills ‘Moonchild’ glow palette. This palette captured my heart and I felt I had to have it; this urge was made even worst when people could not get a hold of it here in the UK, it fed my inner childish streak. I sounded like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  demanding ‘I want it now!’ ‘I need it’. I was quick to purchase it without doing my research, I should have been patient and waited because I came to realise that it really wasn’t as good as I had hoped, it just did not look right on my pale skin and if I had waited patiently I would have found that out through reviews my friends had put up on the makeup groups. It is a good quality product, I love using it with eyeshadow, but it just sits in my collection and reminds me to take my own advice, to ‘wait and see’.

I do feel that some of the designer brands really do offer good quality and are worth the splurge; I resisted the ABH Modern Renaissance palette for so long, but after lots of my trusted friends going on about how good it was I relinquished and popped it in my basket and I am glad I did. It is a really good neutral palette with the lovely pink and red shades as well. It is smooth and blends like an absolute dream, very similar to my Makeup Geek shadows (again, I waited till the hype had died down before trying them and loving them). Months after buying it they are still recommending it over others that have come and gone (the Too Faced peach palette springs to mind). I will now turn to friends for recommendations rather than immediately purchasing something. I did this with Beauty Bakerie and asked a very trusted friend for her honest opinion and she loved them; I waited till they were on offer and made the purchase, they are now my favourite liquid lipsticks and have the longest staying power. They are worth their price tag. They are a quality product.

It always infuriates me when makeup companies release things as ‘limited editions’; it adds to the hype and the urge to make rash decisions without even thinking. I was very proud of myself for resisting the Jeffree Starr ‘Crocodile tears’ shade from the limited edition Christmas release. In all honesty I thought I wanted it but in reality I don’t miss it, there will be other green lipsticks that come along. The term ‘limited edition’ is just another word for ‘trend’ it will not stand the test of time whereas my ABH modern renaissance palette will last me for many a year as the colours are classic shades and the quality speaks for itself.

It’s a consumer world out there and as consumers we have to be wise to some of the ploys that companies use to make a quick couple of quid. Ask yourself the question, how long into the future will you be using that ‘on trend’ palette? Will it last the test of time and is the price tag really an indication of it’s quality (as I stated before, some expensive makeup IS really worth the splurge because they provide a quality product).  It is interesting that the Kylie lip kits are produced in the same factory as Colourpop cosmetics which are a fraction of the price, but because of the Kylie name they can charge a premium on what is essentially a very similar product and just throw the limited edition label on it and it flies off the shelves quicker than you can say ‘I must have it!’ That’s all the rambling I will subject you too today, ciao for now makeup fans. xx

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