Mrs T Reviews; Liquid Eyeliner

Anyone you knows me knows how addicted to eyeliner I am; I love the stuff and cannot exist without my trusty wing as my homage to eyeliner, to wing or not to wing, clearly demonstrated. I’m always trying out different types of eyeliner in search of that perfect product that makes my wing as sharp as a razor. I have always been a liquid eyeliner kind of girl;  pencils make me look like a strange panda and gel liners just refuse to co-operate with me and go on smoothly; if you have any tips on gel liner, just give me a shout  in the comments, I do not like being beaten by things so I might be tempted to head back into the ring for round two.

I am going to talk  about three different eyeliners that I have been using recently and give you my humble opinions on them. All these eyeliners are in the common, bog standard colour of black, as that is the colour I prefer my wing to be on most days. The first is the Nyx Collection Noir Liquid eyeliner; as you know I love Nyx as a brand generally and this did not disappoint. The brush is fantastic for getting thinner lines, the liner itself goes on smoothly and effortlessly and it stays on all day long without smudging. I can create a wing in a matter of 15 seconds flat It really is that  awesome. The applicator is slightly longer than some liquid eyeliners and this is a real advantage. I like the long applicator because it means your hands a further away from your eye so I feel I have more control over it.

This is something I didn’t like about the second eyeliner in this review; the Make Up Gallery eyeliner found in Poundland. The applicator meant my hand was just so close to my eye that it made it really hard to get a thin, neat line. With the long Nyx eye liner wand I could see what I am doing and still have the control to get a precise wing and thin top line to join up. I can get a sharp line With accuracy and precision; unlike the Make up Gallery one which I found really hard to use and even poked myself in the eye in the middle of a live makeup broadcast which I have never done when using the Nyx on.

The Nyx eyeliner also lasts all day with out making any attempts you smudge and go full on Panda eye; this is a real bonus. In fairness the Make up Gallery eyeliner also has good staying power throughout the day and if you can negotiate with the want the you have a real gem of a product at just one pound. The Nyx liner has also lasted me quite a while, even with constant daily use and proves to be good value for money at roughly five pound. I shall definitely be repurchasing this eyeliner when I do my next boots order.

Another liquid eyeliner I have been trying is the Collection Extreme, 24 hour eye liner pen. As a teenager I used collection eyeliners a lot because of their price and they had really good staying power and still do. I want say that the Collection pen has the best staying power of all the eyeliners and is even hard with makeup remover to remove every single trace. This is great if you want your eyeliner to last; however the main reason I will not be buying it again is the pen tip.

The pen tip on the Collection eyeliner is a lot of thicker than some pen eyeliners which have a thin pointed tip.  I used to use the Maybelline master precise eyeliner pen and that was great for its application, so easy to get a thin line, but I found the eyeliner itself did not last very long and I would always be missing my left wing by the time I had finished work.  The tip on the collection liner it is so thick it is really hard for me to get a line over my lid as I have slightly hooded eyes. I always end up looking like an Amy Winehouse tribute when I use that pen, so it have just been sitting in the draw, unloved and unwanted. It seems ridiculous in the day of thinner brush like liners that the Collection one still feels it appropriate to have a tip as fat a marker pen, It just doesn’t make for a glamorous look which is  a shame because the formula is really good and at £2.99 it really is a good eyeliner.

So my overall recommendations is if you want a felt tip pen liquid eyeliner then the Maybelline master precise might be the one for you if you find eyeliner hard the collection 24 hour is probably not the best option, if it’s brush liners that you’re after then the Poundland Makeup Gallery eyeliner is pretty good if you don’t mind the small wands and at £1 it is a bargain but I shall be repurchasing the NYX Collection Noir eyeliner again because it has vastly become my ride or die eyeliners and I’m not sure anything else could beat it. If you have any suggestions of something that might be this eyeliner then please comment below as I would love to give them a test run. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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