50 Shades of my Makeup

Brace yourselves makeup fans; it’s 50 shades of my makeup. I must warn any people with their mind in the gutter, (you know who you are) that the only inspiration from that certain raunchy series of books I am taking inspiration from, is the name.

As with life, things are not always black and white; there are beautiful shades of every colour all around us, you just have to look around you and it’s there. I especially love bright and bold colours; I like to surround myself with as many vivid, happy colours as I can; colour really helps my mood. I always have a green or purple handbag and purse with me, my two favourite colours. I love collecting colourful things; retro glass, gemstones, eye shadows. I love to experiment with colourful eye shadow looks and different colour combinations; although there are quite a few neutral looks on the list I tend to gravitate towards purple, green and blue and mashing different colours together to see what happens. I feel like makeup lets your inner artist go wild and the face is your canvas so I say splash on whatever colours your mood takes you and express your individuality; whether you are a Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Picasso, Warhol or a Dali (my personal favourite), just follow your own style.

I have put together 50 different makeup looks that I have done over the past two years of my journey for you all to see. After looking at the looks I have put together, it is hard to spot many that do not sport my signature winged eyeliner, I definitely feel a bit lost without it. I have also noticed tend to fall into a particular style of eye shadow application; I rarely do cut creases as they take me so long, spotlight style eyes do not really suit me so I tend to be drawn to a smoky gradient of a particular colour (darkest on the outer V and lighter on the lid) or a mix of two colours, one in the crease and one on the lid. I think there are two reasons for this; one is I have small, round eyes and concentrating the darker shades on the outer V helps to make them appear bigger and wider. Another reason is that when I started my makeup journey, I watched a lot of YouTube and this is where I learnt a lot about makeup application skills from; the smoky, gradient style seemed to be the eye shadow application style of choice and it felt like the easiest to have a go at. People might dislike my style but it makes me happy and feel good about myself; I’m not hurting anyone so I intend to continue rocking all sorts of different bright colour combinations and my cat eye winged liner; after all variety is the spice of life and I am a unique, creative person who is free to express herself.

So without further ado I will introduce my ’50 Shades of makeup’:


  1. No makeup
  2. Foundation, concealer, mascara, brows and lippy
  3. Full face no makeup look
  4. Hint of purple neutral
  5. Neutral with a dramatic pop of colour
  6. Neutral with a splash of colour
  7. Smokey eye with no winged liner
  8. Dark neutral with a pop of blue
  9. Smokey eye with winged liner and red lip


  1. Brown and cream cut crease with red lip
  2. Smoky brown with green on the lid (I call this chocolate cream)
  3. Smoky brown and cream with bright pink lip
  4. Smoky  purple/brown
  5. Stronger purple smoky eye
  6. Blue and brown smoky look
  7. Rust colours with glitter
  8. Rust/orange gradient
  9. Pink crease


  1. Bright purple gradient
  2. Peach and lilac cut crease
  3. Purple gradient with purple liner and brown nude lip
  4. Pink and purple combo
  5. Smokey purple crease with purple metallic lid and bright pink lip
  6. Purple glitter with bold purple lip
  7. Light blue eye with nude lip
  8. Blue glitter with lilac lip
  9. Frozen inspired look


  1. Blue and silver glitter cut crease
  2. Green metallic look
  3. Bright green smoky
  4. Dark green smoky
  5. Christmas look
  6. Yellow gradient
  7. Gold glitter and wine lip
  8. Sliver and grey with grey/green lip
  9. Red glitter look (it was comic relief day)


  1. Dramatic blue and purple look
  2. Spiderman cut crease (was for my sons birthday)
  3. Peacock inspired look
  4. Dark smoky with red glitter and lip
  5. Rainbow look
  6. Blue lid and purple crease
  7. Green crease and metallic gold lid
  8. Yellow and blue combo without wing
  9. Purple and green combo


  1. Sophia Loren inspired eye
  2. Dramatic blue and brown look
  3. Plum/autumn look
  4. Blue and purple with dark purple lip
  5. Rust and green combination with nude lip.

Wow, I don’t know what was hardest; listing the looks or actually choosing the looks. I like to keep at least one photo of each different makeup look I do so that when I’m in a rut and stuck for ideas I can just have a look through them, I didn’t realise just how many there where. It just goes to prove what a eye shadow addict I really am. I would love to know what your favourite looks and colours are from the 50 shades, let me know in the comments. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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