Makeup Shopping; Guilty Pleasure or Source of Confusion

Yes, I know it does not seem very long since I did a little Superdrug haul but after the fiasco with the George Super Boost foundation and concealer making me look like a sunburnt Oompha Lumpha I was determined to find a foundation that matched my pale face and had the good coverage I needed.

Having a very cool toned complexion means that I have very red cheeks most of the time and especially in the colder months. I am fortunate in the way that my skin is quite clear usually; although a big angry critter has popped up on my chin as a result of swapping my skin care products around. But the big, red, rosy cheeks often make me look like Aunt Sally from Wurzel Gummage (I’m showing my age here).

So I went on a quest to find a new pale foundation and went to the most reliable source of knowledge I know; my makeup friends on Queens_of_a_new_age. I find that they are the most honest source of reviews and as quite a few of them are pale like myself, they could help. I got lots of different suggestions both drugstore and high-end (I might one day treat myself to illamasqua skin base one day if I’m good enough). I came out with three options Too Faced ‘Born this way’ foundation which I decided was a pass for now on account of not being able to get to a Too Faced counter and actually test the shade; it is quite expensive if I get the wrong shade online. The second option was the Primark P.S. foundation which I have been hearing lots of good things about; but again I decided that I was too lazy to drive to the next town where they have a Primark. So in the end I opted for the Boots Seventeen Stay Time foundation in the shade ‘Porcelain’ as this seemed the most cooler toned of the shades I tried; swatching foundations should not be done with a four-year old in tow as all I got was endless questions ‘what you doing? What is this for? Why are you putting it on your hand and not your face mummy?” I also picked up some matte lipsticks, new lip liners and an eye pencil in my favourite colour, green. I was also lured into buying the Boots Seventeen Mascara as it’s packaging and general vibe reminded me of my holy grail mascara which was a bit of a sore point; flashback to fifteen minutes earlier in Wilko.

In true makeup addict style I could not just stop at buying the foundation; I had to think about what I needed to stock up on in case some kind of apocalypse happened and I didn’t have enough mascara or concealer to last me in the next decade. I also used the opportunity to head to my local Wilko and have a browse at the Essence makeup (if you have not checked this brand out I highly advise you do as they are great for mascara’s, lip liners and a lot of other things). At the Essence stand I came to a frightening revelation; my holy grail mascara wasn’t there!! (insert dramatic music here)

For a moment I was dazed, confused and feeling a little bit hopeless; I had finally found a mascara I loved and that was really close to the Chanel mascara I had got a sample of and loved. Why does this always happen, why do companies insist of changing things quicker than me running to the front of a buffet line (I love me a good buffet). I believe, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it; so this constant need for changing things in the beauty industry does my blooming nut in. As I tried to make sense of things, with a questioning four-year old beside me ‘when can we go the coffee shop?’ ‘when can we leave?’ I thought, its only cheap makeup, I will use get two and try them both out. I decided on the sparkling, just been launched, new mascara and another more bog standard one that looked like the one I had before.

Then, as I thought enough was enough, I saw that Essence had released customisable eyeshadow palettes in the same vein as Makeup Geek and Nyx; every brand seems to be jumping on the customisable palette bandwagon and for £2 for the palette and £1.50 for the individual eyeshadow I thought it rude not to give that a try, for review purposes and because the eyeshadow monster has no restraint when it comes to it; eyeshadow is really my Achilles heal in terms of makeup. I put my practical head on and picked some pastel shades as I do not really wear a lot of browns. I am going to have a good try with them on my next ‘Shop my stash Sunday’ as I am still road testing the MUA Tropic Oceana palette this week. Below is a look that I created with the MUA palette, a pink and purple cut crease which I had got the inspiration to do from one of the lovely ladies on the makeup group. I teamed it with the Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick in ‘Crushed Lavender’, this lipstick is perfect for spring and I will be wearing it a lot in the next few weeks. Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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