Shop My Stash Vol. 3

It’s that time again makeup fans; its shop my stash time. I had been using products from my previous shop my stash vol 2 for the past two weeks and so it is time to swap most thing around. I am continuing to do this to make sure I use all of my makeup stash, plus it is a great way to weed out the products I do not like or do not get enough use of so that when it comes the time for me to purge my makeup and have a clear-out; I know what needs to go.

The last two weeks I have been using my bargain eyeshadows; some Tam beauty palettes and my Amazon 120 cheap palette. The majority of looks have been all about bright colours and bright combinations but I did manage to do a very natural, if not smoky eye for a little challenge that was set on one of the Facebook makeup groups. I think some people have a poor opinion of the very cheap bargain palettes but I love them, its just about how you work with them. I just use a heavier hand with them and build up the colour. I think when it comes to looking good, money should not be a barrier; that is why I like brands like Makeup Revolution, Freedom and MUA that are really affordable. The drugstore has really bridged the gap and come out with great stuff that makes it possible for everyone to look and feel fabulous. Why should looking awesome just be a thing for the elite? I have really enjoyed creating these bright looks; I am really getting into the spring spirit. The culmination of the past two weeks was this ultra bright yellow look that I did for the last day of term. Although I very rarely wear yellows and oranges I felt the need to push myself and step out of my comfort zone.

So without further ado, I will more onto this fortnights stash shop. I am mainly testing out the products I got on my most recent haul and while I am on half term; embracing my love for bright purple lipsticks. I am testing out the MUA ‘Tropical Oceana’  palette along with the Makeup Revolution ‘Strobe lights’ palette and the MUA Luxe strobe and glow highlighter in pearl gold. I have also decided to dig out my ABH Modern Renaissance palette so I have some neutral shades to go with it. I have also dug out another palette I got on Amazon; however it arrived smashed so I got a complete refund and was told to keep the palette, I repressed the green shadow, cleaned the broken grey shadow and hey presto. You might look and think ‘aren’t they really like the same colours you used last week?’ and yes, a lot of it is similar bright eyeshadows. As you have already gathered, the reason I need to shop my stash is the amount of cheap eyeshadow (and some higher end ones) I collect, it really is an addiction. 😂😂😁

Two products that I was planning to test out for the next two weeks was the George Super boost foundation and concealer, a cheaper version of the Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix’; I wish I had not been drawn into buying it when I was shopping for nappies in Asda. I tried them both this morning as I did a quick base, brows, mascara and lippy look and it is fair to say I wont be using them again. Firstly the shade is far too dark (it is the lightest shade they make). I know I am very pale but I can usually get away with the lightest foundation, this was far too orange, I felt like I was auditioning to be an Oompha Lumpha. The concealer was a bit better colour wise but still not light enough. I use a Real Techniques blending sponge for my foundation/concealer with some fixing spray to dampen it; this foundation dried far too quickly and was so hard to blend, I had to practically rub the sponge in to blend it out, it just kept sticking to patches. One benefit to it was it feels nice and hydrating on the skin but other than that it’s a big fat no from me. So I have gone back to my Nyx base for the time being until I get chance to test some new foundation out. I have also swapped my mascara for the Poundland mascara but again might be going back to my trusty Essence one as this Makeup Gallery one is way too natural for me. It is really good if you want very natural lashes for that bare minimum makeup look but for someone who wears eyeliner religiously it seems just too natural.

Eyeliner and lipstick wise I have kept a few that I had from last fortnights stash that I hadn’t used and carried them over into this one in an attempt to justify having them, really I should get rid of them if I am not reaching for them. I have put a few Nyx slide on, glide on eye pencils in there which are currently my favourite eyeliner pencils along with my trusty Essence lip liners which I have yet to find anything to beat them. I have also set myself a challenge; to make sure I use my favourite Mac lippy ‘Heroine’ and to get some use out of my Jeffree Starr lipstick in ‘Dirty Money’. I will keep you posted on my progress and what looks I have been doing throughout the week. So its ciao for now makeup fans xx

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