Superdrug Haul & Makeup from the Week.

The more closer it gets to Easter the more I am flagging. Although this term has been a short one it has felt like I have fought 10 rounds with Rocky Balboa. This morning I woke up and thought about not doing my makeup at all. I had had the worst sleep ever and I’d had enough; then I remembered when you stop making the effort your mood slips.

So, I took a deep breath and got on with things. I had no choice; the pupils tend to be very honest when I forego my makeup. I was happy that I bothered because I created a look I was very proud of; this purple smoky eye with an eye shadow wing rather than my liquid liner wing; I must be very brave to embrace all this change as I am very much a creature of habit . I  spent about 3 years parking in the same parking spot at school and getting very upset if ‘my space’ was taken.

Tuesdays look was very much thrown together very quickly and I went for my favourite colour, green. I have been using the Freedom’s ‘Chasing Rainbows’ pallete for this two looks in particular and I love the shades they have, apart from the yellow which is very neon (I used it for a finding nemo look and oh my lord it is blinding). I only have one slight critism of the palette, the shed load of glitter that is in the eyeshadows and particularly the fallout. It is a great palette for the price and the bendability and pigmentation but the glitter inside the shadow is like sand, it spreads everywhere. I do my base after I do my eyes and I have had to attack my under eyes with a baby wipe through fear of looking like a disco ball dancing to Barry White.

I also want to show you my little haul I received the other day from Superdrug; a friend on a Facebook group posted a picture of the new MUA palette and I knew I would have to buy this, the colours are so my style. Obviously you cannot just buy one thing when doing a Superdrug order, you must use the opportunity to either stock up on stuff for seek new products to try. I did both.

I needed some of my trusty Garnier Micellar water so I threw that into the cart and then I started browsing some of the new stuff (well, new to me). I noticed both the Makeup Revolution highlight palette and the illuminating fixing spray in the hunt through the new products section. I don’t have a lot of my Nyx fixing spray left and I figured I would try this as anything that adds glow is a plus in my book (I want to shine like a bellisa beacon). I have not bought any highlighters recently and I thought I would see what the MUA luxe highlighters were like. They have a cream highlight on the bottom and a power on top. I’m not really that keen on cream highlight but I will give it a go, the power looks quite matte, so it would be goo for people looking for a subtle glow rather than the whole nine yards. I am going to test these products out the next time I do my ‘shop my stash’ and rotate my makeup so I will get a true test of how good they are and I will let you know my humblest opinions.

Until the next time; ciao for now beauties xx

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