This Weeks Beauty Highlights

This week has been a week of extremes; extreme stress with year 11 Drama exams, extreme pride when all the hard work paid off and they did me proud, extreme hyperactivity and craziness as I ate too many sweets, chocolate biscuits and drank too much cherry cola and then extreme exhaustion as the exams finished and I still had to get through the rest of the week.
My makeup has followed the same sort of pattern; I feel like I have been a bit extreme with my makeup this week, whether it is because I was still trying to muster every last bit of energy I had and stay positive through the week and so I reached for what I love best; bright colour combinations and glitter. I also experimented with a very minimal wing look this week, partly due to not wanting to cry in the exam and get black all down my face and also being so tired I felt like my eyes needed a bit of a break from the traditional winged eyeliner that has become somewhat of a staple in my makeup look.

Monday I reached for the purples as I had been wearing green and blues for what seemed like forever that I had neglected it; I love purple and feel like I could wear it every day of the week but there are so many other colours that I have to make sure I rotate. This was just a quick and simple look and I used the purple highlight in the Sleek Solstice palette to brighten up the lid. I teamed it with Buffy from Lime Crime.

Tuesday was exam day and one of the days I thought it best to have minimal eyeliner; I was so nervous and prone to weeping with pride as my class took to the stage that I decided to be strong and embrace my inner Hulk with this green and purple look. As some of you may know or have guessed I am a big Marvel geek and love using the colours of the superheroes as inspiration for looks. I was so glad I left the eyeliner out as, by the end of the day I was rubbing my eyes furiously with sheer tiredness.

Wednesday I continued the trend of very little eyeliner; I was totally not in the mood to fight with the eyeliner at 6.30am so I decided to go a little bit wild with the colour combination and went for a blue and yellow look. I really liked it and it felt like a great look for spring/summer. I teamed the eye look with Mac ‘Twig’ as I hadn’t worn it in ages and had decided to give myself a break from the liquid lipsticks even if it was just for one day.

Thursday I must have been feeling a tad adventurous. I went for a pink/purple look with a silver lid, I used the freedom ‘Chasing Rainbows’ palette along with the ‘Eat, sleep, makeup, repeat’ Makeup Revolution palette. I wasn’t overly impressed with the combination, maybe I felt too sparkly (sometimes I think silver sparkly eyeshadow can make me look slightly older). However, I got some compliments and even got told my look was very ‘Glamazon’ which made me really smile on account of being a huge ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ fan.

Friday was of course Comic Relief day and to blend in with all the red noses I cracked out the red glitter. I had to use dark pinks in order to blend it all in at the sides as I didn’t have my Morphe 35c palette to hand. I teamed the red glitter with my favourite red lipstick Jeffree Starr’s ‘Unicorn Blood’; it really is such a versatile and all round great red lipstick for anyone, I would highly recommend it. It was non-uniform day so people were more busy looking at what everyone was wearing to notice the red glitter. I only ever wear glitter on very special days at school like Christmas and charity days, it keeps it special.

Saturday I got the chance to no rush my makeup; I had breakfast in bed, courtesy of my kids (early mothers day treat) and I had some time to make my face look fabulous; it didn’t really turn out this way, I was having one disaster after another and it was mainly due to the usual suspect; liquid eyeliner. I swear that even though I have done my winged liner for years it still plays this nasty trick on me of not co-operating with my face. Glitter and liquid liner seems to have a love hate relationship; you love the look of them together but you hate having to put them on together, they are like two siblings annoying each other. I ended up having to do some major clean up jobs on this one and decided that its probably best to do the liner before the glitter next time and just top the liner up after as trying to get liquid liner over glitter is like trying to get a banana in a room full of chimps. At least I had a Superdrug order delivered to soften the blow, but more of that when I do a haul post. Hope you are having the most amazing day, ciao for now makeup fans xx

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