Shop My Stash Vol. 2

It’s that time again, it’s Sunday and its time for me to do another ‘Shop my Stash Sunday’ where I go through my makeup collection and rotate things around in a vain attempt to justify still keeping hold of all the makeup I have (I told you I was addicted).

I used to shop my stash every week but I found that with one palette a week I got bored easily.  I decided to do it every two weeks and have one big eyeshadow palette and two or so smaller palettes so I could mix things up a bit. I would also swap over my lipsticks so I wasn’t just wearing my favourites continually; I could literally spend most of my days in shades like Scorpio and cool based purple nudes.

The inspiration for this fortnights shop my stash is embracing spring pastels; now you may look at the pictures and think they aren’t  really pastels, but since as I don’t really have any proper pastel palettes so to speak I am going to make best of what I have got. The main palette is a cheap one from Amazon and although I have three and I do not often use them very regularly; the sheer array of colours and the cheapness justify keeping hold of them. The pigmentation isn’t amazing compared to something like Makeup Geek; but you know what? If you use a heavier hand and a good eyeshadow primer they are worth a go for someone who wants a lot of colour for their money. If you are like me and get bored very easily and like having lots of options then you cant go wrong with these. The other two palettes are from  Freedom and Makeup Revolution; who are both under the Tam beauty company umbrella (ella, ella, hey, hey, hey under my umbrella). There are definitely some shades that I will not be able to work into my work looks (the neon yellow is blinding) but hopefully I will be able to use some of them as these two palettes have been neglected for a while; they have been languishing in my palette box sad and unwanted; desperately waiting for a bright and colourful makeup challenge for me to bring them out and give them some love.  Well, my makeup fans, I am taking up the challenge to get some use out of these and hope I will find a need to keep hold of them, otherwise my niece is going to get them for her stash.

I have, in true shop my stash style, also swapped around my base products; I have been wearing the same base products for what seems like an eternity that I am thinking it is time for a change. As you can probably guess from the pictures I am a bit of a Nyx cosmetics fan; their lip stuff and eyeliners are fabulous and I had heard good things about their foundation that I thought I would give them a try. Since purchasing these I have only managed to use them once so I am using this two weeks to have a proper stab with these products to see if they pass the Mrs T test.

Speaking of Nyx cosmetics, I am moving back for a while to my trusty collection noir liquid eyeliner; I really struggled last week with the Collection felt tip eyeliner because the brush was so big; I wish they would make a thinner brush as the formula is brilliant.  I am also going to try and use up some of my pencil liners like my Stila eye pencil in grey. I feel like I am forever trying to use up products that I no longer really want because I feel so wasteful just chucking them out.

Lip wise I feel like a broken record; I have so many pink based nudes that it is hard to escape them; so I am embracing the nudes again, maybe due to it being spring or because while I experiment with colour on my eyes, nudes are the only real option I feel at the moment. Two products I will always keep using and they remain in my box permanently are my Essence lip liners in plumcake and girl next door; as most of my lip colours are nudes and mauves these two are in constant demand. Essence mechanical lip liners really are amazing, they go on so well and are so creamy and smooth. They really are that good.

So that is pretty much it for my shop my stash volume 2; remember to do more of the things that make you feel good and be kind to yourself; ciao for now makeup fans xx

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