This Weeks Makeup Highlights

This week has been a really busy week for me with work but I have been preserving to keep challenging myself to try different looks out and make sure I enjoy experimenting with my makeup. I’m feeling like I might being getting a bit bored with the palettes I am currently using so will be doing a shop my stash Sunday where I will change everything over. It is sad to say but a big positive of the week was I used one of my foundations up; the Rimmel True Match Perfection one. It is a great foundation and a good colour match for me so I will be definitely buying it again once I have got through the stash I already have; three foundations cant really be considered a stash but I don’t want to hoard them.  I feel a great sense of satisfaction from finishing a product up, like its an achievement that justifies me being able to reward myself with another makeup purchase.
I am sharing with you the three makeup looks from thee week that I was quite happy with. I am liking them all for various different reasons which I will explain. The first look was from Sunday; we were off to visit friends with the kids and I asked my son what colour I should wear; usually he demands a bright colour but he surprised me by saying brown, so I did a brown smoky eye with the browns from the Sleek’s ‘Nautical Collection ‘ palette and brought out one of my favourite red lipsticks; Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Starr. It really is a perfect red for anyone and it trumps my Mac red lippies that I use to love so much. You really can’t beat wearing a good red lipstick; it changes mere mortals into Hollywood icons that shine brighter than a well polished Oscar.

Tuesday was a really bad day for me generally; but at least I looked  great with this green and brown combination, it hid the fact that I was cracking on the inside. If you hadn’t have guessed I am a bit of a green eyeshadow addict (What? You a green shadow addict… Never!!!!). For me, green eyeshadow is like cherry coke; I don’t think I will ever give it up nor do I ever blooming want to for that matter.  I used Makeup Geeks ‘Barcelona Beach’ and the browns from the Sleek ‘Nautical Collection’ and then the green is Makeup Geek’s ‘Fuji’. The look reminds me slightly of a chocolate lime, good enough to eat. My eyeliner, however, had other ideas and decided to not co-operate with me, so I ended up looking slightly like I had been channelling my inner Amy Winehouse; I call this the Winehouse effect, the act of messing your liner so to rectify it you add a bit more, then a bit more, then you end up looking like you need to do to eyeliner rehab (but I said no, no, no) 
Wednesday was a mixed bag; but I really liked the green and gold mix that I did that day. I used Makeup Geek’s ‘Gold-digger’,  Dirty Martini and ‘Venom’  which proved to be a really good combination. I paired this with Nyx’s liquid Suede lipstick in ‘Sandstorm’ which I haven’t worn in quite a while; as the traditional nudes tend to creep into my looks over spring and summer. Thursday’s look was a very muted brown and silvery eye using the Sleek palette again but in all the chaos that had been going on I had committed the cardinal makeup addicts sin; I didn’t take a makeup selfie, I only realised once I had took the whole lot off and was sat in the bath reviewing my day. I had also done a nice blue and brown look that again I had forgot to get a picture of on Monday, but you can’t win at everything in life.
So the weekend is upon us and I am actually quite excited; I get to do some fun, weekend makeup and I get to shop my stash on Sunday and pick some more things to play around with; things are looking bright. So for now I will bid you a fond farewell till Sunday; ciao for now makeup fans xxx

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