Do What Makes You Feel Good

This week has been a particularly strange one; it started off like the apocalypse had hit but then ended with me surviving it and actually getting some positives from the week (think of a single flower sprouting from the ruins of society and you get my idea).  I have been so busy that I feel it hard to justify the time I spend on my makeup; but I truly believe it is one of the things keeping me sane. When you have a good makeup day, you feel invincible; like you could battle the Hulk, Iron Man and still have time to trounce the X men. Makeup has the power to make you feel like you are the best version of yourself.  The day I went in work this week with no makeup on I felt slightly vulnerable, like I was a shadow of my awesome self. I feel like when I get so stressed and everything is going wrong; that I tend to sack off putting my makeup on which seems counter-productive. If makeup makes me feel good, then why do I fail to put it on when I am feeling at my weakest?


It is the same when I have a bad makeup day; you know the day when you planned to look fabulous but things conspire to make you look like a child that has found her mum’s makeup for the first time and has gone to town. It makes you feel like there is a piece missing, like a coat with an absentee button or chips from the chippy without salt and vinegar; it’s OK but not magnificent. Well, I felt like that on Wednesday. After my makeup free Tuesday I decided to go all out and do a cut crease as I had been seeing lots of them on the makeup group I am a part of on Facebook. I thought I would move away from green and use the ‘Give them Darkness’ Makeup Revolution palette to do a dark purple cut crease with the silver from the Sleek ‘Nautical Collection’ on the lid. I don’t know if it was the fact I used pressed powder to set my eye shadow primer or the fact that I used concealer to cut the crease instead of my NYX jumbo liner pencil but it felt like nothing would blend, the lid colour did not last and by lunch time I was faced with hardly any of the silver shadow left. Now in terms of the seriousness of this problem in context, it was insignificant, but to me it set the tone for the whole of the day, everything was meh and I did not feel strong enough to tackle the problems that I encountered that day.  It sounds daft but I bet there are many people who feel the same; whether it be their hair, figure or their beard (beard envy is real according to some of the pupils I teach).  I think that Wednesday should be marked as ‘Washout Wednesday’ on account of how annoyingly perturbing it was.


The next day proved this point as I turned my frown upside down and tried a blue/green look with my Makeup Geek shadows (Poolside, Sharkbait and some black from the Darkness palette). The result was a restoration of my confidence, I felt fierce; the sun was shining and although I have been working late all week I was being productive and looking awesome in the process (I sound like a big head, but I seriously am not, I’m merely happy in my skin at the moment). However, I had forgotten to take my obligatory makeup selfie of the day (people who are on makeup groups and Instagram will understand); so here was me, rocking the day, but by the time I realised I had failed to document this legendary moment, my lippy had partially come off and I had to take the picture as quick as I could (I don’t selfie well under pressure). Nevertheless I was very happy with this look though and was back in the game.

Friday, I reached a peak, both with my face and with work; I was buzzing after I achieved this moss-green smoky eye and I was very proud that I resisted the urge to put on my old faithful liquid liner wing and just used a pencil instead (the NYX slide on eye pencil which I would highly recommend). This look helped make my day awesome, because I felt awesome.  It’s strange that  makeup has this magical power; the power to turn an ordinary woman into a wonder woman, capable of things of epic proportion.

Some people believe that we wear makeup for other people; whether it’s their boyfriend, friends or because society tells them they should. I firmly believe that the majority of people who wear makeup do it because they feel that it ascends  them up to best version of themselves; if it’s a wing or green lipstick, if it makes that person happy and ready to battle the challenges life throws at them, then who is anyone else to argue with that?


So I am making a plea to everyone that reads this to do things that make you feel awesome; whether it be watching the football, playing dungeons and dragons or rocking green lipstick when your In Laws come to visit. Do more of the things you like and less of the things that drag you down; life is way too short to do things that you dislike all the time. I know that we have to do things we dislike, like cleaning and driving to work; but the annoying things make taking special time for yourself that little bit sweeter. I am glad that I set aside 45 minutes every morning to do my makeup because it is my time; free from children, worries about work, the fact that the washing machine is starting to pack up and your car insurance is nearly due.  So take more time for you, even if it is 10 minutes a day and enjoy doing the things that make you happy; you are the best version of yourself when you take the time to appreciate how awesome you really are. In the words of a very famous make-up brand ‘you are worth it’.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made me actually believe in the power of myself and helped my confidence; you know who you are and I am eternally in your debt. Ciao for now makeup fans xxx

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