Shop My Stash Sunday

Why Shop My Stash?

So, as I have acquired quite a bit of makeup over the past year and a half of my makeup obsession/journey. I have decided that I need to shop less and use more of the stuff I have. I have been watching a lot of shop my stash videos on YouTube and to be honest the stashes I have seen on their’s makes mine look small fry in comparison, not that I have a small makeup collection complex. But regardless of that, I know I need to try to use some stuff that I haven’t touched in a while.

So, this marks my first official shop my stash Sunday. I have a makeup box that I have all the staples in and every week or so I change the eye shadow palettes and the highlighters. I am trying to use up the foundations and concealers I already have before I open any more.  I am currently going between Rimmel Match Perfection pore blurring foundation in the lightest shade; which is a great colour match but not as high coverage as I would like so I have to build it up to cover my redness. I am also using Vichy Dermablend in the lightest shade; it is a great coverage but unfortunately the shade is too warm for me. I need to find a foundation that is a mixture of the two, so I am still in search for my perfect foundation. 


The eyeshadow palettes I have decided to use for at least this week are my Makeup Geek green/blue palette, with a few transition shades thrown in for good measure. I have also decided to use some of my smaller, drugstore palettes to compliment the MUG shades.

The two palettes I am using alongside it are the Makeup Revolution ‘Give them Darkness’  and the Sleek ‘Nautical collection’. It looks like a hell of a lot of eyeshadow to use, but the idea is to keep using this for as long as I can before I get bored, so that might be two weeks or so. I absolutely adore greens and blues and always have done; I’m not really a natural makeup kind of girl, I like makeup to be striking being the child of the 80’s that I am. I am going to use some of my home-made highlighters as well as my Phee’s highlighters. The blushes are by La Femme and are so unbelievably pigmented it’s insane. I always have to remember to use a light hand with them but they are so much of a bargain they nearly compare to my MUG blushes. For contour I am trying to finish my Freedom Pro Strobe palette and as you can see, I have been making some good progress on it. I only tend to use the light contour and the highlight as you can see, but I might try to use some of the other parts up as it feels a waste not to. 

I have also swapped around my pencil eyeliner’s, lip liners and lipsticks as I have been using the same ones for the past couple of weeks. I fall into the habit of wearing the same mauve type neutral lip colours or purple/pink nudes that I am determined to change. Due to me choosing mainly greens and blues I have moved to my nudes with touch of red thrown in, I’m not sure unicorn blood will match anything but its worth a try.

So, let the makeup journey begin… prepare for some pops of colour and maybe some dramatic smokes this week as I will hopefully post my daily look on here.

Ciao for now beauties xxx

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