Cleaning Bug; Mrs Hinch made me do it.

Cleaning bug People have gone into a cleaning frenzy I have found myself so coming to the cleaning bug. I have been making sure to keep on top of all the cleaning by doing a small amount each day. I hate it when my house is untidy and needs cleaning so I figured if I…

Why is self love so hard?

Why is self-love so hard? Self-love and positivity in yourself is a hot topic at present. With people promoting equality for all genders, races and beliefs you would think we would be more accepting of ourselves. Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves? This is a question that has plagued me for…

Holidays with Kids; Blessing or hard work?

Holiday with your Kids; blessing or curse? Holidays make the best memories Going away on holiday is a magical time. Holidays give you a chance to escape from your everyday life; rest and recuperate, explore new sights and make special memories with the people that you love. Many of my fondest memories happened while on holiday, whether it was with my family, my…

The long summer holidays; Why do children need it?

6 weeks of no school The summer holidays can either fill you with delight or dread. For me, as a teacher, it used to be a valuable time for me to relax from the constant strains of teaching in a secondary school. I was able to travel, stay up late and pursue hobbies that I…

Kids Holiday Activities; Staying Indoors

What happens when the weather is bad? Being a resident of the UK; the sun does not always shine in the summer. Currently, we are in the midst of torrential thunderstorms and my children have spent the whole day inside. However, this gives me the opportunity to do what I do best; get creative. I…

Three days, Three Quotes Challenge

The Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge Quotes are a fabulous thing; they can inspire and motivate you through this hectic life. I often believe I am a walking book of quotes as I tend to use them throughout my life quite often. Maybe I am a walking cliche, but I find that quotes often help…

Ridiculous kids; 20 ridiculous reasons my children cry

Parenting can be ridiculous
Being a parent can be a massive pain in the backside. Sometimes it feels like trying to succeed as a parent is like juggling with chainsaws while riding a unicycle, impossible. As I have said in my Mrs T’s guide to motherhood, there is so much pressure to ‘succeed’ and ‘do the right thing for your child’ that sometimes being a parent can feel like you are an ass.

7 Things I Hate About Social Media

Social media has connected people from across the globe and has brought information to our fingertips. Social media has revolutionised how we stay connected to our friends and loved ones. Social media has provided jobs and careers to many people and has changed the way we entertain ourselves. But does social media have its downsides? Having seen the rise in social media before my eyes there are many things that have infuriated me.

Feminism and Makeup

The Year of women
It is the year of the woman; 100 years have passed since the suffragettes took their stand and protested and campaigned to get women the right to vote. Equality for women has progressed rapidly due to the brave actions of people who believe we should not be discriminated against due to our gender.

6 Ways You May Be Selling Yourself Short

Modesty is all well in moderation, but are you selling yourself short by downplaying achievements and accomplishments. Are you the type of person that cannot take a compliment or jokes it off and trivialise success. If you recognise yourself in this article then you may be underestimating your true worth and selling yourself short. My own journey into blogging has made me realise that I sometimes self myself short too, creating ‘Life With Mrs T’ has made me realise that I do not give myself enough credit.