The Psychology of my Makeup Addiction

I have got a problem Hi, my name is Mrs T and I have a makeup addiction. I would wake up in the morning and think about makeup, I would think about makeup while at work, I would even go to bed thinking about makeup. I was caught in a hamster wheel of foundations, eyeliners…

Spring Anti Haul

I am trying not to spend unnecessary money on makeup and shop much smarter. There are so many products being released every week that it is hard to know what to get and how to spend your money in the wisest way.

Makeup Hype; Is It Worth It?

Ever since I was a child there exists a certain amount of prejudice when it comes to consumer items; kids pestering parents for the latest ‘must have’ toy (demanding Barbie rather than the cheap girls dolls you find in discount stores), everyone ‘had’ to have Nike, Timberlands or Helly Hansen’s, if you listened to anything…

Makeup Sales; Are They Costing You More?

*This post was originally written in 2017. I have updated this post to include how I feel now; in September 2018. Having also assessed the changes I planned to make to my spending habits. Have I kept to my promise to be a ‘smart shopper’? Everyone loves a bargain I don’t know a single person…

Makeup Shopping; Guilty Pleasure or Source of Confusion

Yes, I know it does not seem very long since I did a little Superdrug haul but after the fiasco with the George Super Boost foundation and concealer making me look like a sunburnt Oompha Lumpha I was determined to find a foundation that matched my pale face and had the good coverage I needed….