Claire’s Accessories Scandal; How Safe Are Our Children?

Child’s play
Do you remember playing with makeup as a child? One of my earliest memories involved three-year-old me colouring all my fingernails using felt tip pens because I was too young to use nail varnish; my dad having to use a nail brush to get it off my nails. There were countless times I would try and raid my mother’s makeup collection and I think I had some makeup designed for children as I used to paint the face of my Girl’s World

Christmas Anti Haul

With Christmas around the corner, the big brands are scrambling to get you to spend your Christmas money on their products. Christmas gift sets have been around for ages, but it is only really in the last few years that holiday season, limited addition makeup has been tempting us makeup addicts. Now I am all for a good splurging at this time of year, my Christmas Decoration Haul proves that, but I am also a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to the whole holiday season makeup thing.  So with a big old ‘Bah Humbug’ I bring you my second Anti Haul of all the products I will NOT be buying over the holiday season. 

​Copycats; Is It Makeup Plagiarism?

I have just seen a post on Facebook talking about the release of the new W7 ‘Blazin’ palette which looks extremely similar in shade range to the Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat’ palette, almost identical in fact. The thread exploded with two different camps of makeup addict; those that were delighted and those that were disgruntled….

Disappointing Products

Makeup can be so disappointing sometimes
After doing my ‘5 Ride or Die products’ post recently, it got me thinking; what about the products that were a letdown? We all know this feeling; you buy a new product in eagerness, either due to the good reviews or the hype surrounding them, you get home and start giving it a test run, only to discover that the product is a complete flop

Are Beauty Guru’s Bad Influencers? 

As you might know, there has been some controversy surrounding certain ‘influencers’ on YouTube. (Too much drama in makeup) There is a growing trend of people questioning the ‘integrity’ of influencers in the beauty world and calling into question whether or not their opinion on products is genuine or an elabourate plan to make the unsuspecting public to part with their hard earned money.

Makeup Hype; Is It Worth It?

Ever since I was a child there exists a certain amount of prejudice when it comes to consumer items; kids pestering parents for the latest ‘must have’ toy (demanding Barbie rather than the cheap girls dolls you find in discount stores), everyone ‘had’ to have Nike, Timberlands or Helly Hansen’s, if you listened to anything…

Makeup Sales; Are They Costing You More?

*This post was originally written in 2017. I have updated this post to include how I feel now; in September 2018. Having also assessed the changes I planned to make to my spending habits. Have I kept to my promise to be a ‘smart shopper’? Everyone loves a bargain I don’t know a single person…

Did I Really Need It?

We have all had that one makeup product we have lusted over for ages and never quite got round to buying; that one product that appeals to your very soul but for some reason or another, whether it be lack of cash or just not having a justifiable reason to purchase it e.g. I’ve had…