Drugstore Brands; Five of my Favourites

My favourite drugstore makeup brands When it comes to makeup, my heart will always be at the drugstore. I do not believe in buying something simply for the name; a car still gets you from A to B no matter what the name it has. I also carry this value throughout my makeup collection. My…

Summer Nail Polish; Let’s Paint those Nails

Summer nail polish  Summer is my favourite time to wear nail polish. My eyes light up at all the bold bright colours like a child in a sweet shop. The choice of different colours, textures and finishes makes summer the season for painted talons and toes.  I have once again raided my nail polish collection to bring…

Top Five Eye Shadow Palettes; Find Out My Favourites

Eyeshadow was my first love What are my top five eyeshadow palettes? As a child growing up in the 1980’s, the eyeshadow was always bright, colourful and made a statement. I remember watching people on TV with multi-coloured, over the top eyeshadow and wanting desperately wanting to recreate. Many of my favourite palettes are bold,…

Favourites: What’s making me happy in May

It’s time for my most recent favourites. These are the things that are floating my boat over the past few months. Grab yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and get ready for my loves at the moment.

The Scent of Me: My Perfume Favourites

A fragrance is such an evocative thing; it can remind you of summers as a teenager, people you love or memorable events. Your sense of smell determines so much within your life; it can stir up strong feelings of love, comfort and even disgust. Over the years I have tried many a fragrance or three and it is accurate to say that my tastes have altered and changed along the way.