November Empties and Declutter

Empties I have been holding on to these empty products for far too long. I usually keep my empties on my daughter’s bookshelf, high up and you cannot see the ornaments due to the empty bottles. I am engaging in a massive deep clean of the house ready for Christmas so now is the time…

Makeup Declutter; What Am I Banishing?

Makeup I’m breaking up with. I am sick and tired of all my clutter. I am slowly attempting to make a stand and declutter. This is a long process as I hate to throw things out; it feels like a waste. It is my mission to regularly go through my stuff and purge it. These…

Epic Empties; What Am I Throwing Away?

Empties time We have come to that time again, it’s trash talking time. I have let more than enough rubbish sit around in my empties shelf that it is time to throw it out. Since I have been doing empties posts I have been able to reflect on what products I actually use. As with…

Empties Vol 2; The Empties Strike Back

It’s trash talking time again. It does not seem to be that long that I did my last empties post but here I am, rummaging through my rubbish again so that I can give you my humble opinion on the products I have used up.

Spring Makeup Declutter; What I’m Saying Goodbye To.

Why Declutter?
If you are a collector of things you will understand the urge that sometimes creeps in to declutter your collection. Anyone who collects things will understand the feeling of it taking over their life. You have bought as much storage as you can and still have things overflowing, it is a necessary evil with any collector. You will get to a point where you say ‘enough is enough’ and make the decision to declutter your collection’.
Since the new year, I have made it a goal to tackle my makeup collection and pass on the unloved pieces in my collection