Christmas and Birthday Presents; Present Haul.

Another Christmas is over for this year. January has crept in like a sinister sister to the joyous December. People are broke, days are dank and dark. It also marks my birthday, another year older and slightly wiser. My birthday does not excite me as much as Christmas does. It is not because I am…

Consumerist Christmas

Consumerist Christmas Christmas is a time for giving. As the song beckons ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, people scramble to purchase the ‘perfect’ gift for their loved ones. Family traditions are created and the whole family gather around the beautifully decorated tree to exchange gifts and then eat copious amounts of food,…

Christmas Haul 2018

Christmas haul 2018 It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I get to shop for decorations to adorn my grotto. Apart from the food, decorating the house is my favourite thing to do at Christmas. I have full control of the Christmas decorations as Mr T does not really enjoy doing interior design. Every…

Favourite Christmas Movies

Movies are a big part of Christmas in the Mrs T household. With winter meaning more time indoors, snuggling together and watching a film is a great self care activity for the whole family. I have put together a list of my favourite Christmas movies in the hope it will provide some inspiration when the…

Christmas Party Makeup

Christmas Party Makeup Christmas is the time to bring on the bling. When it comes to makeup looks, Christmas stands head and shoulders above the rest of the year with its endless possibilities. Every year I am excited to prepare my Christmas inspired makeup looks. Here I have included three different makeup looks that you…

Christmas wishlist

Christmas wish list Everyone has a Christmas wish list of coveted products that they want Santa to leave under their tree. This year I am not as excited about Christmas as I usually am, I am not sure why. This year has been a hard year; it feels like prices have shot through the roof…

Christmas and Birthday Presents 

I have been a lucky girl this year; I feel well and truly spoiled and privileged to be able to have what I want. Since as my birthday is unbelievably near Christmas (3rd January), I usually get a lot of things combined together. I don’t bother as much with my birthday as much as I do with Christmas, as Mr T would say ‘It’s just another day’

Bring On The Party Makeup 

Whether it is a work event, a gathering with friends or a family get together, Christmas and New Year is the time to party on down with the people you love (or at least tolerate once a year because there is free food and drink). The age old question that springs to peoples minds when preparing for a big function is usually ‘what do I wear?’ However, for the makeup addict such as myself the first question that springs to mind is ‘what makeup look am I going to rock?’

The Season of Goodwill

What is goodwill?
It is often said that Christmas is the season of goodwill; likewise, the phrase ‘goodwill to all men’ is synonymous with the festive period. The phrase originates from the book of Luke from the New Testament and is linked to the idea of peace on earth

Christmas Themed Make up Looks 

Christmas, as you might know, is my favourite time of the year. This love also extends into my makeup looks, I really enjoy creating Christmas themed makeup looks from smoky eyes to full-on glitter eyes, I feel Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to experiment with my eyeshadow looks; here are some of my favourite Christmas inspired looks, which one do you like best?