6 Ways You May Be Selling Yourself Short

Modesty is all well in moderation, but are you selling yourself short by downplaying achievements and accomplishments. Are you the type of person that cannot take a compliment or jokes it off and trivialise success. If you recognise yourself in this article then you may be underestimating your true worth and selling yourself short. My own journey into blogging has made me realise that I sometimes self myself short too, creating ‘Life With Mrs T’ has made me realise that I do not give myself enough credit.

‘It was nothing’

I have said this so many times when doing something. Whether it is a random act of kindness or showing some ability of some description, I have decreased the value of what I have done by reducing the act to nothing. I did ‘something’, it wasn’t nothing and for that, I should be proud of myself.

‘I can’t do that, what if I fail?

My answer to that is ‘what if you don’t?’ Even if you do fail, is that so bad? What lessons can you learn from that event to help shape the way you approach the problem the next time?
Failure is an important part of making things a success. You have to fail before you can win, otherwise, it would not be considered ‘winning’. Think of the sense of achievement you will experience if after many times trying something you finally do accomplish what you want.

‘I’m just doing my job

This is another I am guilty of quite a lot. I am a teacher and I often find myself saying it to the pupils after they thank me for their help or after a great lesson. There is a difference between just ‘doing your job’ and doing your job in the best way you possibly can, with enthusiasm and expertise. My job is not easy and I should be proud to do my job in a way that makes a positive impact on others.
This can also be said for being a parent; it is a job that should be appreciated when you get it right. Nobody is perfect by any stretch of the imagination but you should celebrate the ‘little wins’ rather than focus on the negatives.

‘I don’t have positives

People have said this and I find it hard to believe; ‘I am not good at anything’, ‘I’m rubbish’ and ‘I don’t have any positive qualities’. Do you make people laugh, are you generous, help others, do you think outside the box, are you a neat person/organised, are you friendly?
Anything can be a positive; you might be fighting chronic illness and getting up out of bed is a struggle, but you still do it because you are tenacious and determined. You might be able to spot when other people are upset and comfort them, isn’t that a positive? Life is a challenge; isn’t it a positive to survive through some of the things that are thrown at us?
person looking out

‘It is what everyone else would have done

This is a classic way of underestimating yourself and your personal attributes. Would ‘everyone’ have done what you did? It is unfortunate that not everyone is willing to help people out, not everyone is caring and will do something for someone else that does not gain them anything.
Give yourself the credit you are due and recognise that you did something for someone else selflessly and that is something to celebrate about you, whether it happens once in a while or every single day.
strong woman

You are stronger than you think

As I said previous, life is definitely a challenge. Sometimes you think that you will never get through to the other side of things, but you do. You survive and sometimes surviving through an unpleasant time shows a strength of character and resilience. It shows that you are better and stronger than you first thought you would be.
There have been times so challenging that I did not know how to get through it, but I did. Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning and making it through the day is an achievement, you should give yourself more credit. You bring your own unique qualities to the world that nobody else can take away from you, you are awesome.
Are you somebody that undersells themselves or do you sing your own praises, let me know what you think in the comments?
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. LipstickandMuffinGirl.Com says:

    Love all these points, girl So true!

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you 😊

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very good article with a good point of view. Thanks 🙂

  3. Bina says:

    This post hit me! I have said some of the quotes you have stated, and I related to this and I thank you for bringing me a positive look on these things

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It’s so easy to down play what you do, we are conditioned to be modest as being proud can be seen as arrogance

  4. Lifestyle Hunter says:

    OMG this is so true, I think sometimes I do not give myself enough credit! time for a change! 😀

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I have definitely been happier since I have realised how negative I was being with myself.

  5. mjndiaye says:

    This really spoke to me – for the longest time at my job I didn’t voice how I thought I should be compensated for my hard work. When I finally did my boss was so impressed and agreed to all my terms.

  6. Steph says:

    Wow I never realized how much Ive been selling myself short until you pointed out those phrases.. I always say those when someone praises my work… Thank you for changing my perspective and how I should give myself more credit and to celebrate my victories no matter small they seem

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      We are all just as important as each other and we deserve the credit if it is justified. Work is a typical place where people are too modest and then you get taken for granted

  7. cwinter012 says:

    This is legit. It’s really hard to not sell yourself short when you struggle with anxiety too. You have to give yourself more credit! ❤

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