Autumn Inspired Makeup 

Autumn is a season that many people adore, myself included, it combines so many beautiful things, all in one season.  As the days grow shorter and the leaves on the trees start to turn; people get excited for the cosiness that Autumn brings with the rich colours, warm clothing, and comforting food.

When autumn beckons, I definitely make the most out of it and the traditions associated with it; Halloween, Bonfire night, concur picking, mugs of hot chocolate, the list could go on for a while. The one thing I like most about Autumn is the colours associated with it; the deep reds, oranges, greens, browns, and purples are so sumptuous and exuberant and I cannot get enough of them.
I always use autumn as an excuse to really embrace the rich colours within my makeup looks. I will still do the occasional bold and bright look but I feel that as the days get darker and colder than my makeup should become more sultry and smoky to reflect the season.
As it is now well into the month of September, I thought I would create some autumn inspired makeup looks that incorporate the rich colour combinations of the season. I would also like to show you some of the makeup palettes and lipsticks that I will be using in the coming months. I hope this will inspire you to have a play around with the makeup you have and give the ‘sumptuous autumn’ look a try.
Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette
I have recently been giving this palette some love and attention (even though I feel Jeffree Star is overrated) and I have to say that the colours are absolutely perfect for this time of year, they are rich, warm and great for a good old smoky eyed look. There are quite a few combinations that you can go for here it seems like I could be experimenting for ages. My favourite colour has to be androgyny, I am a sucker for a nice purple shade and it is also a great transition shade if you are doing a purple eyeshadow look. I was surprised that I also love the shades ‘Fetish’ and ‘Charm’, red and orange seem to be my ‘go to’ colours at the moment.
Look 1

Transition – Charm
Crease/outer V- Fetish
Outer V – Dominatrix
Lid – Deja Vu
Look 2

Transition – Safeword & then Androgyny
Crease/outer V – Dominatrix
Outer V – Poison and Swallow
Lid – Military
Look 3

Transition – Androgyny
Crease/outer V – Dominatrix
Outer V – Fetish
Lid – Frosting
Modern Renaissance Palette
This is one of my favourite palettes of all time, it is just so versatile and the quality is amazing, so easy to apply, it blends like a dream (unlike the controversial Subculture palette). If you ever get one high-end palette then this is your best bet, it really does offer everything a girl needs for a neutral palette and can be used throughout the whole year. I especially love the shade Love Letter, it is the reason that I wanted it in the first place, it just reminds me of chocolate covered Turkish delight.
Look 1

Transition – Bon Fresco
Outer V moving into the outer crease – Love Letter
Outer V – Venetian Red
Lid – Golden Ochre
Look 2

Transition –  warm taupe
Crease/outer half of lid – realgar
Outer V – Cyprus umber
Lid (inner half) – Burnt Orange
Look 3

Transition – raw Siena
Crease/outer V -warm taupe
Outer V – antique bronze
Lid – primavera
So, there you have it beauties, six autumn inspired makeup looks using the Androgyny and Modern Renaissance palettes. I would highly recommend both these palettes as they are great all round palettes for your collection. This is especially true of the Modern Renaissance as it is the ‘Ride or Die’ neutral palette in my opinion.
If you are looking for a more budget friendly alternative then I would recommend the W7 ‘Delicious’ palette, which at just £12.95 is an exact dupe of the ABH one. As I already have the Modern Renaissance, I do not own the W7 one but I am told from my very reliable makeup friends that  There is also another dupes from ‘Makeup Revolution’ in the ‘Flawless 3’ palette and the ‘New-trals vs Neutrals’ palette, again I do not own these but I do own lots of other Makeup Revolution palettes and the quality is amazing for the price.
Finding a budget friendly dupe for the Androgyny palette is far harder, it has not really been ‘re-imagined’ by the drugstore brands yet. You can get most of these colours as singles from Makeup Geek, but at around £5 pounds for a single shadow, it is not really the most cost effective solution. I have no doubt that you could probably find the shades in lots of different palettes, I probably do but have not noticed.
I hope you liked these autumn inspired looks, let me know what your go to autumn looks are and if you want me to do anymore using other palettes.
Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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  1. DGGYST says:

    I love look 3 so much!

  2. These all look so great on you!

  3. Always Cleia says:

    Love these! Your winged liner is perfect ❤ I love the orange tones too!

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you, I am obsessed with wings, I have been embracing the more warm tones and loving it.

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