Growing Grey Disgracefully 

I haven’t really been blessed in the hair department; I was practically bald until I was three years old, it is so straight that it will not hold a curl and worst of all, I have been going grey since I was twenty-one.
I started dying my hair at the age of fourteen, I was desperate for red hair when I was a teenager and have been dying it red for about 20 years on and off. As you can imagine, after fifteen years of my hair gradually going grey it is fair to say it is very noticeable when my roots grow out. This has continually driven me crazy for as long as I can remember, the constant ritual of dying my hair every month or so.
I have become so sick of dying my roots to cover up the grey I have that I made a radical and somewhat controversial decision to grow out my grey hair at the age of thirty-six. This might seem an absolutely absurd decision to make for a mother in her mid-thirties but I have come to realise that I need to start embracing who I am more and not care what other people think.
There is a stigma surrounding women with grey hair, in the society that is obsessed with anti-ageing and staying youthful for as long as possible it is seen as a negative, a sign of looking old and in turn showing weakness.
I have actually been a victim of this stigma, as I have been between re-touching my roots I have had my fair share of dodgy looks from people and comments like ‘oh my gosh, you have grey hair, you need to dye it again’ and ‘you must be really old to have grey hair.’ Likewise, when I have announced I was going to grow my grey hair out I was met with disapproving looks and comments.

I put myself through a makeup app and changed my hair to fully imagine myself with grey hair.
There seems to be a huge double standard when it comes to grey hair and how men are viewed who have it. Men are talked about as being distinguished, wise and having wisdom because of their grey hair, think Morgan Freeman, Gandalf and Dumbledore. Another term that is used to describe a man with grey hair is to call them a ‘silver fox’; if we look at celebrities like George Clooney and Richard Gere, they are hailed as being even more attractive because they have grey hair. Why are men with grey hair talked about positively while women are referred to as hags and grannies for having salt and pepper locks?
The new trend in dying your hair silver or grey has started to change this view of grey hair and has prompted me to start embracing it. I discovered when I was on maternity leave that semi permeant hair dyes show up a lot brighter on my grey hair as opposed to the rest, it was like having a blank canvas that could be changed every few weeks. If people were actually paying a salon to get silver hair then why couldn’t I just grow it out for free, then if I fancied a change I could do it every few weeks in a less permeant way.

Now it might seem to defeat the object to grow my grey out only to be dying it every few weeks with a semi permeant colour but my hair is not yet at the stage where I can have it ‘au naturale’. At the moment, my hair being shoulder length I have a lot of growing out to do and I am not getting it cut just to even it out. I have a halo-like patch around the top of my head fading down into much darker strands so I am using a colour to blend it all in.

I have recently had green hair, something I have wanted for a very long time, it was easy to wash out and put something more conventional over it for work. My hope is to eventually have white hair that rivals the character Storm from the X-Men or my mum who has amazing white hair; then I can eventually have it all sorts of wacky colours and start to grow old disgracefully because what would be the fun in just covering it up like everybody else does?
What are your thoughts on growing grey, let me know in the comments
Ciao for now my beauties xx

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  1. I think your hair would be beautiful gray!

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much I am hoping it does xx

  2. I say embrace it. The act of dying our hair so frequently just does more damage than good anyways. And the latest silver trend should have us all jumping for joy. But you bring up a good point, when a man starts to grey it’s distinguished, but for women it’s taboo. We are who we are, we should be proud regardless.

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I hate the double standards with men and women. I am at an age where I am embracing who I am a lot more, plus my hair feels better

      1. You are beautiful!

  3. DGGYST says:

    Im about 30 percent gray ( well white) but I henna my red hair, so it works out for now and the henna covers the white and looks like fire, so it has its benefits. I love love love gray hair on a woman, so beautiful!

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I am currently red too while trying to grow it out, im loving that I can change my hair more and tone it instead of having a permanent stripe

  4. I think your hair would look great grey! I think its a great colour. My hair is blonde, so we dont show grey so much, and Im not sure how I will feel as it starts to change. Maybe I will embrace the grey too!

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thanks, I think blondes have it slightly better in terms of hiding the grey. In the end i can always cover it if I don’t like it

  5. i am battling the greys at 36 as well…. so tired of dying it but not ready to embrace it either

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      When I say I’m embracing it I am actually covering it up at the moment till I can grow it all out and then I can’t tone it into a proper Grey

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